Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[Trans]Japanese Magazine, Joseijishin 2010.8.17

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Translated into Korean: yume3
Translated into English: suehan

Escaped Seoul in hot summer.
Vacation in Busan with his sommelier friend.

“It’s said that ‘Dream High’ targets January next year for its broadcasting and they’ll select the performers through the audition” (Korean reporter). According to the Korean media, the audition is for men and women between the age of 16 ~ 35 who have confidence in themselves for singing, dancing and acting. It seems that it will be a strict evaluation because the film contains dancing or singing, which is less than 2 minutes long, is needed with the documentation for the preliminary test. 

He escaped Seoul before he started next project in full-scale.

“He visited Busan which is crowded with the swimmers for the summer vacation and stayed one night on Saturday, August 7th.” (Korean reporter). It’s said that he stayed in the condominium.

“I heard that he was with his staff and his sommelier friend. It seems that he trust him since they even went to Hawaii together.” (Korean reporter)

Were they engaged in the animated conversation about wine? Please be careful of tanning under the sun in summer, and we’re waiting for the information regarding the new work.

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