Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Trans] Japanese Weekly Magazine, Joseijishin 2010.8.24

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Translated into Korean: yume3
Translated into English: suehan

For the future of the children in Japan.
Behind the scenes right before the broadcast of “24 hours TV”

From 6:30 pm on August 28th of this year, Yonsama will appear in “the video letter’ of the live broadcast of “24 hours TV33, Love Saves the Earth.” (Japanese TV Line)

“The contents weren’t revealed, but it looks like the film of the Kanagawa Kenristu Children’s Medical Center that he visited in April will be aired.” (Korean Reporters).

Yonsama donated incubators for 8 hospitals in Japan including the hospital above and Kagoshima City Hospital.

It seems that “24 hours TV” will broadcast it for the first time.

The 29th is the 38th birthday of Yonsama.
It will show his strong desire, “to help the future of the children in Japan with all his strength”. It seems that it will be his reverse present. 

“It looks like there were no revealed movements, but he started to work on the drama, “Dream High” with the preparation of the charity activities.” (same Korean Reporter)

We would like to expect the reverse surprise to the Families from Yonsama! (suehan: I didn’t quite understand this last sentence. Please correct me if I made any mistakes.)

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