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[News Trans]Park Jin Young will challenge acting in the drama “Dream High”, compete charisma with Bae Yong Joon

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Sports Chosun, 2010-08-13 11:06 

All around entertainer Park Jin Young will be expected to debut as an actor in the drama.

PJY plans to appear with BYJ in the drama “Dream High” (scenario Park Hye Ryeon, producer Lee Eung Bok), which will be airing on KBS2 on January 3, 2011, and will be competing charisma with BYJ. It has been known that “Dream High” consists of 16 episodes and was collaborated by Keyeast (BYJ’s agent), JYP Entertainment (PJY’s agent), and CJ Media. It also has been known that BYJ appears in this drama and PJY handles the music part but plans to appear as an actor.

Someone related to the drama said, “They are of the same age, born in 1972, and decided to plan and push forward this drama from the trust and chemistry of the Hallyu project between them. It’s hard to say that it has been confirmed, but we expect the talented PJY to present a characterful performance unless there are unexpected changes.” PJY will broaden his area as an actor, not only a singer and producer since his debut in 1994.

“Dream High” will start with the hypothesis that if there is an art school like LaGuardia High School which produced many American top stars like Al Paccino, Jennifer Aniston, etc. Using the Kirin Art School in Korea as its background, it is the youth drama portraying the growing process of four talented students becoming world stars. Two female students and two male students will compete for friendship and love, and one of them eventually will be the winner of the Grammy Awards Album of the Year in 2007. Just like Rain in Korea became a world star, Kay in the drama will become the idol star worldwide. The drama will be processed with the format tracing the school days of Kay.

Bae Yong Joon will take a role of Jung Ha Myung, a director of the Kirin Art School, who has “Midas hands” that find stars with his remarkable eye. The teachers of the Kirin Air School including Jung Ha Myung, make the secret organization like the movie “Man in Black” and try to find the gifted students who have the talents of the stars like the aliens. Park Jin Young will take the role of Jin Man who once dreamed of becoming a star like Mr. John Keating in the movie “Dead Poet Society”. He fell in love with the mother of one of his students and married her, but he is suffering from loneliness because he lost his wife in an accident. But he respects the dream and personality, finds Kay and concentrates in teaching him.

Someone related to the drama said, “We’ll select the leading student roles and supporting actors/actress through the audition and start the shooting at the earliest in autumn. But, there is a prediction that the members of the Wonder Girls and 2PM who are the real students of PJY will have important roles, so the acting competition between the teacher and students will become a hot topic again.

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