Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[vod] Animation Winter Sonata DVD- box (Added)

source: amazon / tomato

source: bofi, avex, eiga.com / tomato

voice: the excitement of Winter Sonata revives as a new story, "Anime Winter Sonata."
Drama did not write the secret of "blank three years," it is revealed now.
Joongsang: As time passes by everything may fade but please don't forget this.
I may wander in darkness but your polaris will always be at the same place.

voice: And 7 years later it has come true in live-action movie, the wedding scene of Joongsang and Yujin. Anime Winter Sonata no-cut complete version.
Including special live action videos, the DVD-box comes on sale.

Order this DVD-box at bofi and you will be able to receive special privilege.
1) special interview video with BYJ

2) get your name and message listed at ending credit roll of the video.

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