Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Reposted & Trans]Visiting Hong Ssang Ri's plum farm appears in BYJ's book.

reposted from suehan's blog

suehan: I'm just roughly translating the stories that are related to BYJ.

Original in Korean: barbie
Translated into English: suehan

The size of the plum farm is about 49 acres and she said that it took 46 years to make this big farm. 

It’s amazing to see the pots that the plums are in. 

We arrived around lunch time and were guided to the restaurant. It wasn’t opened because it wasn’t in season yet, but the meal was ready for us.

The plums were a little sweet. 

These have a Gochujang (suehan: chilly paste) flavor.

Toppings for Bibimbop. 

The pork dish which YJ liked a lot. 

The plums those YJ liked the most.

Plum ice cream that YJ had two of. She said that YJ hesitated to leave to request another ice cream when his group walked off to the door. 

She said that she sends “not delicious foods” to YJ once every two weeks and she sent some yesterday.

We saw Yu Yeol (appears in Winter Sonata), who was visiting Ssang Ri and he called her ‘Eomoni (suehan: mother)’.

The house which is used for the movie often. YJ ate “not delicious foods” here, but he had “really delicious foods”.

It seemed that YJ was using this table to have his meal. 

This stone is ready for engraving YJ’s poem into it when he writes poetry someday. 


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