Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Reposted & Trans]Private Jet in Hawaii (Maritime Air)

reposted from suehan's blog

Original in Korean: atom
Date/Time: 2010/07/27 10:10
Translated into English: suehan

We went to the Big Island for a bit to visit the coffee plantation and play golf during this Hawaii trip.

When we went to the big island, we chartered a plane to save time and because of the numbers of our group.

This is the airport lounge. We were the only passengers.

There were clouds in the sky of Honolulu Airport. 

This is the chartered plane we used. Let’s board a plane.
(suehan: can you spot YJ’s back? He is at the top of the stairs)

The maximum capacity is 16, but a flight attendant was provided.

Preparing for takeoff.

Now, the plane departs.

It went up to 13,000 feet. (About 4,000m)

The view from the pilot seat was fantastic.


Beautiful coastline, clouds, and blue sea. Fantastic view…

Returning to Honolulu after itinerary.

I heard that there are many vacation homes owned by American rich people in the Big Island. . So, we can see many private jets.

There are many F-16 fighter jets that belong to US military on one side. I heard that they are performing practice flights several times a day.

It’s rare to have the opportunity to see many fighter jets in such a short distance.

Beautiful sunset in Hawaii.

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