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[News Trans] Bae Yong Joon will watch the Wonder Girls’ concert?

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[Sports Hankook: 2010-07-16 06:06]

He has been in the States for 15 days.. plans to visit Hawaii. 

It has been confirmed that Bae Yong Joon went abroad and has been traveling around the States for fifteen days..

Bae Yong Joon is working on his schedule while traveling the States including San Francisco. It has been known that he is working on another future plan while filming the CF and pictorial. His agent, Keyeast said, “He will stay in the States until the end of July. Because his personal matters are also included in the itinerary other than his official activities, it is making his trip longer.”

Bae Yong Joon plans to visit Hawaii while staying in the States. Ironically, The Wonder Girls will have a concert on the 16th and 17th. That’s why there is a careful speculation that he might go to their concert.

His agent Keyeast collaborated with the Wonder Girls’ agent JYP Entertainment for the drama ‘Dream High’. So, the rumor that he might attend the concert to work with Park Jin Young in full scale is persuasive. Someone related to the entertainment industry said, “He went to the Park Jin Young’s concert even before he made an announcement that he would work with PYJ. It’s a part where his detailed character stands out as a businessman. It looks like he will draw the blue print that Keyeast will pursue in the future while he stays in the States for one month.”

His agent is in a cautious position. On the 15th, in a phone conversation with someone related to Keyeast, he/she talked carefully by saying, “He has been in San Francisco until recently. I need to check again whether he went to Hawaii or not. I can’t release any information now about the kind of filming that was processed.”

Reporter Ahn Jin Yong:

Join the Wonder Girls and JYP at their grand finale in Hawaii!

source: allkpop
We can’t believe the Wonder Girls World Tour is already coming to an end – this summer sure flew by! But there’s still two last chances to catch them live.

Although the Hawaii concerts were delayed back in June due to Sunye’s tragic loss, the girls will finally be meeting their Hawaii fans tomorrow, along with JYP! The girls will be holding two shows in Honolulu, Hawaii at Pipeline Cafe, tomorrow on the 16th as well as on the 17th.

These two shows will wrap up their World Tour in the US and it’s sure to be an emotional one, as they’ve been through so much these past few months. It’s also going to be US fans’ last chance to see them this summer as the they will be heading over to Asia, to hit up the MTV World Stage in Malaysia, Singfest in Singapore (with Kanye West & Katy Perry), Taiwan, China and more!

Anyway, if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you may still be able to grab some here:

By the way, the girls told us that they wanted to see hula dancing, so if you have the opportunity to meet them, make sure to give them a lesson!

And if you weren’t able to make any of the shows this summer, make sure to check out our exclusive coverage, including photos, videos and interviews here:
The Wonder Girls in Washington DC (Interview with WG)
The Wonder Girls in NYC (Interview with WG)
The Wonder Girls in California (Interview with WG + 2PM)

And if our coverage wasn’t enough, Mnet’s Made in Wonder Girls is coming out very soon, so you’ll be able to catch everything that happened during their tour. The show will also include 2PM, 2AM and JYP in Hawaii.

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