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[News] Kim HyunJoong becomes Bae YongJoon-standard CF Model 07/27

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Signs exclusive contract with The Face Shop

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong became a Bae YongJoon-standard CF model.

According to beauty cosmetic industry, Kim HyunJoong recently signed an exclusive contract with The Face Shop. The Face Shop mainly uses the cream of the crop Hallyu stars as their models. They have used big Hallyu stars such as Bae YongJoon, Kwon SangWoo, Jeon JiHyun, Go SoYoung, etc. Because of that, there is a lot of attention in the beauty cosmetic industry on Kim HyunJoong’s contract this time.

The Face Shop is a major low-mid priced cosmetic brand which recorded sales of 257.1 billion won last year, what is even more eye-catching is that their export business to Asia regions. With this contract, it is analyzed that Kim HyunJoong will confirm his position in Asia.

Because this CF contract is the first modeling/endorsement contract for Kim HyunJoong after his move to Bae YongJoon’s company Key East, it has gained attention. After it was known that Kim HyunJoong signed a 1 year exclusive contract for over 500 million won, a top-A-grade contract, all eyes and ears in the CF industry are on Kim HyunJoong. Kim HyunJoong will start his endorsement in Autumn-Winter, and will be making official announcement on his modeling/endorsement contract next month.

With Kim HyunJoong signing contract with The Face Shop, many are curious if Bae YongJoon will be his partner in the CF. Even though Bae YongJoon’s endorsement contract has ended, depending on whether if there is a re-contract, he might be appearing in the CF with Kim HyunJoong.

Kim HyunJoong is currently in the midst of filming for MBC drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

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