Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[VOD] Hong Ssang Ri Maesil Plum

I reposted the following trans in March 2010, and recently, I found the following video from kyaputenQ's blog. .. a bit more info abt Hong Ssang Ri ssi.

[Reposted and Trans] At the Hong Ssang Ri ssi's house

Reposted from suehan's blog

2010/03/18 17:21

Mom said that the plum blossom festival was going on nearby and she wanted to go there, so we went. These were the jar stands in front of the Hong Ssang Ri’s plum field.

I regret, because I already had rice and a spicy catfish stew before I arrived there.
We needed to buy the luncheon vouchers to eat the pan-fried food for four thousand won and Makgelli (suehan: Korean traditional rice wine) for two thousand won.


However, we went to the plum blossom festival, but there aren’t any pictures of the blossomed plums... hahaha Why didn’t I take any pictures of them? ..haha

The weather wasn’t so good. But many people came and there are many pictures of her with the celebrities at the souvenir shop of the Hong Ssang Ri ssi’s house. I took a picture of Yonsama to show... hahaha

I saw Hong Ssang Ri nim when I came out from the souvenir shop after browsing only. It looked like she had an interview with Chosun Ilbo and I saw her sending them off.
If you want to know who she is, go to and search for her. Haha

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