Monday, May 31, 2010

[Trans]A post from someone who saw BYJ in the airplane on April 18, 2010.

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Original in Korean: wuri BoA Queen BoA nim (
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Translated into English: suehan


Finally, I came back to Korea.
I came back home. ~~!!!!
I just got home even though I deplaned at 2:30 pm,

Yonsama was in the same airplane that I boarded.
I wished BoA got on the same airplane with me,
but, Yonsama showed up.

Was he returning from somewhere to get some fresh air?
He was wearing white sneakers, black pants, white jacket, black hat, and black sunglasses.
His security guard (?), who was wearing a black suit, was next to me.

Yonsama was sitting in the second seat from the row next to me. (suehan: I’m not clear about this part.)
I could only see his profile a lot.

He was wearing sunglasses, so I just thought that he was an entertainer, not Yonsama.
But I could recognize him when I saw him smiling in the front.

I saw Yongwoongjaejoong on the first day of travel even though it was a short period of time, and Yonsama was three seats next to me when I returned


+) The airplane which I used when I returned was a two-story plane.
I was sitting alone in the front row of the Prestige Class in the second floor.

I wanted to board the airplane unhurriedly, but they called my name hastily, so I guessed some celebrity might board the plane.

Ah.. They even put partitions in the lounge of Korean Air.
I had a suspicious mind at that time, and I hope that person would be BoA, but it wasn’t her so I was a bit disappointed.

I didn’t recognize him at first because he was wearing a hat and sunglasses.
But I could recognize him when I saw him smiling brightly in the front.

He might have been someone who was similar to him, not Yonsama.
I should have asked a security guard right next to me.
It looked like he kept playing games on his ipod with his head down.
He ate in-flight food, Bibimbab, and he used the restroom too.

That’s about it… not much. I was standing right next to him when we deplaned.
I followed him when we exited the plane.
I wanted to get his autograph, but I gave up early because I wasn’t brave enough to ask for it.

He might not be Yonsama.
Who else smiles like Yonsama?
Kim Hyeon Joong?

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