Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Trans] The memory of (Yon)sama

source: reposted from suehan's blog

Original in Korean: Cheongyanggochu
Date/Time: 2010/05/11 23:36 
Translated into English: suehan

April 30, 2010 will be the day that I’m never going to forget.
It might remain in memory for my entire life.
My day has begun as usual.
After 10:00 a.m., 



The director, who has a particular character, called me urgently with a little nervous voice.

The director said,
“Please get ready for Yonsama Bae Yong Joon because he is coming at five o’clock today to look at the clubs.”

Oh, Yeah ~~~!!!

The top class super star entertainer is coming.....!!

I cleaned the indoor driving range and replaced the old balls with new ones.
I reviewed his golf records and history for about an hour and acquired full knowledge of them.

The information I obtained goes as follows;
It’s said that he is the member of Singgeul Beonggeul Golf Club, and he is a power hitter and his average handicap is under ten. It’s said that he hasn’t played golf for about six years due to his shoulder injury.

We’re busy these days because of the golf season, so the three of us including Young Bok and Hyeon Joong moved busily. Time has passed and it became five p.m. which was the reservation time. 

Shortly after, we got a call from his staff indicating that he would arrive in five minutes. At that time, there were five customers in the fitting room not knowing what was going to happen in five minutes. They were making noises while choosing the good golf clubs.


There was a big noise on the iron stairs and, at that moment, he was surrounded by his staff when he appeared.

Saliva in my mouth has already gone, but I swallowed saliva.

The middle age woman customer near him had an expression of disbelief she couldn’t believe what she saw and tried to confirm him several times. She came with her husband and he was embarrassed. hahaha

I initiated the conversation with him about golf, this and that, with an intentional (?) comfortable expression.
I could feel that our relationship improved in about five minutes. It looked like the relationship between the star and the fitter changed to the comfortable customer and the fitter.

We talked about the desires and deficiencies of the golf equipments for about an hour and started to hit the ball.
I have seen many entertainers, but he was different from the others.

It looked like his old swing still remained, so he showed a fast head speed with a strong impact. 
The fact that he was formally a power hitter wasn’t a lie. 

I could see his sincere, exploratory, and competitive attitude from the questions he asked while I was talking to him for about two hours about the golf clubs from a very short distance.

After the consultation, he ordered the clubs based on the data of unmoving and moving positions and left the store.
He said goodbye to all of the employees.
Surely, he was a star......!!

I went outside with the director to where his car was to send him off.
He said this when he was leaving,

“I’ll come back to order *** golf club. ~~~~~~!!”

I had a wonderful day.
I was really happy even though I needed to work for about four hours to make his golf club in my off day. 

Later, I heard the story that all of female employees of the building where our fitting shop was located gathered near the window and brought their cell phones to the window to take pictures of him. hahaha

Next day, his Maybach showed up and a curtain of the back seat was drawn on the window. (I wish I could live like him.) I gave the golf club and its specifications to his manager (?)


suehan: I’m reposting the pictures that I believe they were taken on that day, April 30, 2010.

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