Monday, May 10, 2010

[Trans] A Korean fan saw BYJ.

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Original in Korean: mahnim (
date/time: 10.05.07 23:46
Translated into English: suehan

[This is my first posting, and I want to share this story with you. I saw BYJ today.]

I was going to keep this story to myself only, but I changed my mind so I could share it with you. Unexpectedly, I needed to go to the dermatology clinic today and saw Japanese fans that were standing in the street. So, I guessed that ‘he might come here today as well.’ (Sometimes, I asked to the nurses (suehan: about him) when I saw the Japanese fans who were standing outside. Most of the time, I got this response from them ‘he has not showed up yet’, so I’ve never seen him.)

I wondered when I saw the director opened the door in the lobby of the first floor and she was standing next to the door. And I could hear the noise from outside.

BYJ came inside and watched outside while waving his hand and talking with the director for a few minutes.

He said this, I think, “They are taking pictures.” Anyway, he talked about the pictures for a few times. (Here is my question. Is it wrong to take a picture of the clinic?) Anyway, his voice was low and an art.

He was wearing a black cap, sunglasses, black jersey. 
He came alone.
He got on the elevator with the director.
I passed there and used the stairs with the other director.. (wuuu.. I should have gotten on the elevator, but I was so nervous.)

It seemed that he was close to her because he was using the informal words when he talked to that director. Oh, I was so jealous of her.

His face was small and pretty dark. 
He was skinnier than I expected.
I better go buy coupons of the dermatology clinic. Hahaha

I regret not taking pictures of him, because I was too timid. 
I didn’t dare take pictures of him because only he and I were there with the exception of the nurses

I’d like to share this story with you even though it was a very small experience because you’re starving to hear every small news of him.

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