Friday, May 07, 2010

[Reposted and Trans] Gorilla In The Kitchen

reposted from suehan's blog

suehan; You might already know the blogger, atom, but I want to introduce him to those who are not familiar with his nickname. He is a sommelier who appears in BYJ’s book, ‘The Journey to discover the beauty of Korea.”, and BYJ attended to his wedding in Busan.

Original in Korean: atom
Date/Time: 2010/05/06 17:29 
Translated into English: suehan

Gorilla In The Kitchen 

I went to the Gorilla In The Kitchen after a long time.

I had dinner at some other place and went there to have desserts.

It was quiet because it was a late week night.
Balcony was open, so it would be good to have brunch.

First, I had the espresso double to take away the aftertaste.

Tiramisu cake

It was a good size for 2, 3 people, and
it was nice and moist.

This is the icy soft persimmon, which I strongly recommend to you.

I tried it because of a recommendation.
I heard that the owner and cooks created this menu.
The owner likes a soft persimmon and often ate it this way in the summer with the ones which he stored in the refrigerator during winter. 
It’s said that the cooks of the GIK tasted, like it and selected this item as the menu.

The persimmon was soft and sweet and it would be nutritious because nuts were added.
It’ll be another favorite menu with an eel on the five grains.
It was melting in my mouth.^^

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