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[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon’s ‘The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea’ will be released in an additional three countries.

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Sports Hankook 2010-05-03 06:36

Bae Yong Joon’s book, ‘The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea’, will be released in an additional three counties.

In the middle of last year, he released the book, ‘The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea’, in Korea and Japan at the same time to introduce the traditional culture of Korea. After that, he got offers from overseas publishing companies and decided to release his book in USA, China and Taiwan recently.

He already made contracts with the local publishing companies. Including these deals, his book is translated into four languages and it’ll be an opportunity for his fans to read his book. A staff of Keyeast, BYJ’s management company, said, “We closely cooperate with the publishing companies in each country to release the book within this year. We expect high sales because BYJ is widely known in USA, China, and Taiwan through his movies and dramas.”

It’s known that BYJ had sales close to five billion won including its related tourism products with its continuous sales. So far, a total of 130,000 copies were sold in Korea and Japan, 65,000 copies in each country. The price of the book in Korea is 18,000 won, so the sales amount would be about 1.2 billion won. The total sales amount in Japan is over 2.4 billion won because its price in Japan is 2,835 yen (about 37,100 won) each book. The total sales amount of the book in both countries is over 3.6 billion won.

A company, Key To Korea related to Keyeast has brought four tourism products based on the famous places which appeared in his book for Japanese tourists. A 3 day-2 night tourism product, which has begun in early November last year, is sold out. The sales amount of the tourism products is about one billion won, so the total sales amount will easily be over five billion won. He added, “BYJ stresses the fact that his translated book could be of help even in introducing Korea.”

Reporter Ahn Jin Yong;

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