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[Trans] YJ visited a sashimi restaurant in Busan.

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Hello, everyone;

Before I introduce this posting, I want to refresh your memory. Do you remember my previous posting about his new Ferrari? Yeah. He bought a new Ferrari 599 and he was spotted with his Ferrari at a few places in Korea. And the writer of this posting has a nickname as atom in his blog, is a sommelier that appeared in byj’s book, ‘A Journey to discover the beauty of Korea’. So, the writer didn’t mention byj’s name at all in this posting, we can easily assume the big brother is byj. Please enjoy.

original in Korean: atom
Date/Time: 2010/04/07 15:09
Translated into English: suehan

Haewoondae in Busan) Gyeongbuk Sashimi House: Famous Restaurant for Spicy Seafood Stew

A while ago, I went to Busan with my big brother for 2 nights 1 day, just the two of us. It was a unique and fun trip even though only two men went there for 2 nights 1 day. We had our first meal at the sashimi restaurant when we arrived in Busan.

We rode a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to go to Busan.
My big brother, who accompanied me, bought this car a while ago and I rode in it about 5 or 6 times. Whenever I rode in that car, I could feel its amazing acceleration, stabilized cornering, and comfortable riding. Even I hated to get off.. haha. (I will talk about the detailed riding story next time..)

There was a post in the room, and it was interesting. “Smile at least half of the day!!”

Tasty soy bean paste

Simple table setting.

The sliced raw fish was cut into thick pieces. Almost as thick as beef slices.

Put a piece of the sliced raw fish in a sesame leaf and seaweed.

Another piece with leaf mustard kimchee

In a single piece wrapped with seaweed. It looked like they were using fresh fish because of the thickness of the sliced raw fish and flavor. I really want to come back here.

Radish, boiled in a soy sauce with spices, stimulated our appetite for rice.

Soothing spicy seafood stew

There are many solid ingredients and one whole stingfish

Rice cooked in the pot.

We had roasted rice.

They even served us roasted rice for free.

Please visit them when you feel like eating a spicy seafood stew in Busan. The soup was an art. It is located in the entrance of Mapo Dock.

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