Wednesday, April 07, 2010

[Reposted and Trans] That was Yonsama..

Reposted from suehan's blog

Original written in Korean: こんばんは。
Date/Time: 10.04.06 13:38
Translated into English: suehan

I just went to the restaurant in front of the office for lunch.
There were so many people there, even the police were all over, and guys in black suits walked back and forth.
I thought that Lotte Department store was on its opening sale,
but the president of the company’s wife that I work for, who couldn’t bear curiosity, asked someone about it.

She asked about it, and the reason was that Yonsama was coming.
We looked around and saw many auntie groups holding Yonsama’ pictures, fans, handkerchiefs, etc.

I was not interested in Yonsama, so I just kept eating.
But the president’s wife was a great fan of him and was ready to go out when he comes even if she was eating.
Her husband wasn’t upset with her, but he grinned and bare it.
Yonsama arrived when we almost finished our lunch.

Woa.. It was amazing. Just Yonsama was in his car and passed by..
He opened the window and waived his hand at them, but half of them cried.. ㅡ_ㅡ;;; Why did they cry?

The president’s wife stopped eating and ran outside.
They said that they were happy, he was handsome, and happy to live. (I don’t understand why they said that..)

Anyway, it was the day that I felt Yonsama’s power again.

We came back to the office and the president’s wife was still bragging about it to the female workers..
Hew.. I hope she cares about her husband a little.

I don’t think I can go home early today again.. sob sob

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