Thursday, March 11, 2010

[VOD] Winter Sonata KBS original version DVD-box (updated vod)

original source: tomato

source: sony pictures

source: bofi and sony pictures

finally, Japanese fans will be able to watch Drama Winter Sonata in original version!!
166 minutes of scenes cut from Japanese edited version will be added.
original music.
Japanese and Korean subtitles.
Japanese dubbed version newly recorded with original Japanese version actors.

sales date: 26 March 2010
price: jpy 33,300 (tax incl.)

post cards which will be included in first issues.

ordering form which i picked up at TOHO Cinema.

another DVD related Winter Sonata...

source: Kinokuniya forest and amazon

Winter Sonata, last episode
whole record of 100days which brought us miracle

5 discs / 600 minutes
sales date: 9 April 2010
price: jpy 15,540,(tax incl.)

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