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[Update] Live Updates from WLS Anime filming location

source: JOB
日文簡譯:Wenny From 愛俊之家 byjfamily
Chinese to Eng: xiaoyi



The photo taken together with June Seong & Yu Jin
should be a treasure that to be cherished by everyone
the photographing session for the family has ended.
The photographing session was taken in the green field with chairs lining up,
YJ wore his tuxedo and took the photos with his family
(JW's fans were in groups of 88 people)

YJ sat in his car and the car went one round of the garden/park, he didn't open the window, but can see that he's waving, stop, going to Lotte World

source: yuri's blog
Briefly translated by xiaoyi
2010/3 /12(金) 午後 2:09

撮影後半は見ていないので何時に終了したかはわかりませんが今、私達は屋外でヨン様が来るのを待ち続けています。グループごとに家族写真を撮るそうです。 私のグループは90人足らず。抽選で私の真ん中あたりです。

Not sure what time will the latter half part of the filming is going to finish, but, now, we continue waiting for YJ to come out. Seems that each group will take a family photo with YJ. My group is less than 90 people. I was selected at the center area (using ballot).

source: byjgallery by miemi
translated by SNOW & Wenny of byjfamily


Filming has completed, they are currently waiting in the bus.

Groups of 10 are viewing the filming from each hotel room
After finished watching the filming
Groups of 100 will have a group photo with YJ

source: yuri's blog

Japanese to Chi by SNOW (byjfamily)
Chinese to English by xiaoyi

2010/3 /12(金) 午前 11:33

ホテルの中からホテルの外で撮影している様子を順番に見ます。私は早い時間だったので撮影前に私達に手を何度も振ってくれました。最初はジウさんと別々に リハーサルしていましたが先ほどはお二人ご一緒。これからバスで待機です。そしていよいよ…


We actually need to queue up and take turns to watch the outdoors fiming.
YJ waved to us many time before the schedule starts
Just now, YJ is filming separately with JW
Now, filming together with JW
Now, we are back to the bus to wait
Should be starting the actual filming

2010/3 /12(金) 午前 11:19


Oops...sorry, made some mistakes.... didn't manage to double check ...

The filming of the wedding ceremony is at the outdoors. The hotel guests (travelers) came to visit. It seems to be still a rehearsal. The extra comes, too, and it seems the actual filming is going to start. YJ still taking JW's hand. Our lunch schedule had been changed. I'll wait again after this.

2010/3/12(金) 午前 10:08

The filming rehearsal of the wedding ceremony began at the outdoors. Ji Woo's wonderful wedding dress is white.

2010/3/12(金) 午前 9:55
Before Filming Rehearsal


YJ is in black tuxedo and white shirt, a black bow tie and his hair is light brown. With glasses. Wonderful.

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