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[Trans]Ryu Seung Soo talks about BYJ in his book, “Don’t be an actor like me” (3)

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Original in Korean: Ryu Seung Soo
Extracted by: Gaulsan/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan

Identity of laziness wearing a dream down

It happened such a long time ago. I was depressed for a while for some reason. One day, my friend, Bae Yong Joon called me. We talked this and that, and suddenly he asked me about my bed time. I answered him honestly, because we have a close enough relationship to understand each other.

“I don’t work these days, so I go to bed at dawn.”
“Then, what time do you wake up?”
“In the afternoon.”

He responded to my answer regrettably, “If you wake up a little early, then you might have lots of work to do.’, so I responded lingeringly “Yo, I don’t have any work to do even if I wake up early.”, but he talked to me like a moral textbook.

“You have to make your own work by yourself. In my case, no one would be complaining to me if I go to bed and wake up late when I don’t have any schedule. However, I create work to do and try to spend my day prolifically. If you go on the internet and go to bed, then you just waste your life in vain and kill the days."

I couldn’t say anything on his comment. Even later on, the laziness was still next to me. I picked up the phone with a loud voice unconsciously trying to hide my laziness when he called me early in the morning. Of course, my friend smelled my production.

“Just use your quiet voice because I know you just woke up.”Ah.. There are no secrets in this world. I can’t help but to judge his passion, which I’m not able to pursue, towards life highly even though he is my friend.

The power of details

One day, I met Bae Yong Joon after the movie, “Secret Sunshine’ was released. He asked me whether I watched that movie. I commented without hesitation because I already watched it and was impressed.

Then, he asked me whether I remembered the scene that Jong Chan (Song Gang Ho) looked at Shin Ae (Jeon Do Yeon) screaming and crying in church, and how he was looking at her. Actually, the senior Song Gang Ho didn’t act in that scene. I remember that he just looked at her from a long distance and there wasn’t much acting from him.

But, he said that the senior Song Gang Ho’s acting was brilliant in that scene. He said that most actors probably tried to act someway in that scene, but Song acted very well without disturbing the other’s acting.

Days later, after I heard it from him, I met the senior Song Gang Ho. So, I related BYJ’s account on his acting to the senior, he said with a smile that initially, his position requested by the director was right behind crying Shin Ae. But he thought his emotion was different, so he suggested to the director that his emotion should be as far as possible. After discussion, he sat on that spot.

I think Jong Chan expressed his feelings of helplessness for Shin Ae whom he loved most efficiently.

-The End-

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