Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Trans] a (touching!) fan account

original in japanese: hokahoka / JOB 2010.03.14
translated into chinese: snowkin /
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

I am one of the fans who got injured.
I would like to share about the situation when the incident happened.
If there are areas where I've misunderstood (or remembered wrongly), please forgive me.

After the fourth group of family finished their group photo,
with the wind situation getting stronger,
Yong Joon-ssi started to stand in our midst and we started the photo-taking.

But the wind was getting stronger and we could not take photos,
Yong Joon-ssi used his hands to gesture 'X' to signal STOP SHOOTING
We were told that the photo-taking would continue indoors
So we proceeded to walk towards the hotel.

On the way to the hotel,
there was info that since the photo-taking wasn't completed,
please queue up again for the photo-taking session.

Half in disbelief, we stepped up onto the platform once again,
took our positions and lined up to have our photo taken.
Almost immediately we found out that the info was a mistake,
so we started to leave the middle of the grassy patch to go towards the hotel.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger
so strong that that it was not possible for us to walk on ahead anymore,
I was just thinking it's so dangerous,
and at that moment,
I felt something knock on my back with a huge force and I fell onto the grass.

At this point, the wooden planks used to build the platform for the photo-taking session collapsed.
In the strong wind, the staff were using all their might to remove the wooden planks
to rescue me from underneath the planks.

With the help of the staff, I was helped into the ambulance to lay down.
There were already some injured parties sitting inside the vehicle with their heads bleeding.
After our check-up at the hospital
We heard people say that those people had sustained the injuries
as they were trying to help the people who were blown down by the wind.
Those people had struggled with the wind in order to save and help us,
and their faces were hurt and scratched.
We felt pain in our hearts hearing that, and felt so sorry towards them.

I think... if I were standing during that time,
I would probably have sustained serious injuries.

When I was lying on the stretcher in the hospital,
Yong Joon-ssi came.
Looking at me lying there, he seemed to have taken a huge blow,
When he was nearing me, his eyes were brimming with tears,
He held my hand as he was saying he's sorry.

Thereafter, he held each of the injured fans' hands one by one and apologised to them.
At the end, he had come over to my side once again,
held me hand and murmured in a low voice, "I... What should I do?"
I only said to him, "Kenchanayo."

He's about my son's age.
The thought of this young man, whose pair of hands embodies such warmth,
having to, once again, shoulder such heavy burden,
My heart feels such pain that I'm almost heartbroken.

Fortunately there's nothing wrong with my bones
I can sit in front of the computer as I take my medication.
I pray for the speedy recovery of all those who have been hurt.
And I pray sincerely and anxiously to alleviate the pain and sadness in Yong Joon's heart.
I wish to express my gratitude towards the staff who had bled in order to protect us,
And also wish to thank the family who has worried for us.


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