Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[Trans] Ryu Seung Soo talks about BYJ in his book. (2)

Original in Korean: Ryu Seung Soo
Extracted by: Gaulsan/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan

No matter how it appears, passion is beautiful.

BYJ and I became close friends since we worked for Winter Sonata. We kept in touch and took care of each other, and exchanged conversations about our daily lives. We got closer than before.

It happened a long time ago. We met after such a long time, so we were chatting, joking, and drinking our favorite wine. We had a cozy and leisurely afternoon.

Suddenly, YJ said that life is tough. Even though I’m close to him, I couldn’t understand him at all for a moment. I envied him because it seemed that he always had everything. But he said that life is tough. It’s ridiculous. In the beginning, I thought that he was joking, so I tried to get out from that moment with a smile.

On the other hand, I thought that it was just a boring whining from someone who had too much and it seemed that I was a little narrow hearted. Then, after a very short time, I realized that what he had said had a totally different meaning than I thought.

He implied that it was tough for him due to the emptiness from the sudden discharged passion of gap after the battle with the continuous passion towards ‘the goal’ and feelings from the lost coordinate. He said that the passion like endorphin came out continuously when he run for ‘the goal’, but he felt that that passion was exhausted at a certain moment. He seemed to have a suspicious mind about the uncertain future following the moment when he was close to the goal that he worked hard for with ‘passion’ and ‘effort’. Passion disappears? What does it mean? I asked to myself whether I always have passion for all of my work.

He always has been hard on himself inexorably since I’ve been watching him for a long time. I remembered the time when he tried weight training and diet for his photo book a while ago. At that time, I called him to have a meal with me, but he wanted to postpone it.

“I can’t eat everything now because I’m in diet. I got very sensitive from that, so probably I might be fretful if I meet you now.”

I thought, “Why does he live that way?”, but I knew that it came from my immature ignorance because I’ve never had sincere passions. If we can focus on something with passion, then we might have a happy life. Some might think that all of his achievements came from luck, but I disagree with them. I can be motivated to push myself when I see how he lives and works.

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kobongp40 said...

I'm with him all the way, and all
I know BYJ is the sincere and
great man that I ever known.
I sincerely hope he find a peace himself and kind to himself....

Sincerely yours,