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[Trans] Our actor, Bae Yong Joon bought lunch for us.

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Original in Korean: Yellow Angel (
Translated into English: suehan

Our actor, Bae Yong Joon bought lunch for us.

To our baeto members who have been waiting for the story desperately.

I saw our Jooni.
Two buses which were filled with many Korean families, luckily more than I expected, headed to Jeongdongjin.

First, we were touched when Keyeast’s staff informed us that they would pay all the expenses for us and donate the fees which we paid to attend this event.

After we arrived in Jeongdongjin, Jooni bought a seafood tofu soup for us at the restaurant. At the entrance of the Sun Cruise hotel, I saw the body guards controlling all other cars.

When we entered the hotel in two rows, the bodyguard who was holding the radio said, “Korean VIP families are entering now!”. We’re touched again!!

We went to the sky lounge on the 8th floor and were very excited when we saw many Japanese families taking pictures at the spot where there was a good view. We expected to take pictures the same way and half-fainted when we saw Jooni through a telescope.

It was really fantastic when we saw him arranging his hair with an umbrella because the wind blew a little. A strong wind blew all the facilities away and even the sky lounge was shaking.

Choi Ji Woo stayed away from it during the filming at the other place. The wind changed to a strong level like a Hurricane, and the facilities were blown away and hit the people in a second. I couldn’t even scream. Sob. Sob..

We were so sad and worried, and more sad when we think of Joonie who would worry a lot. We were restless when we thought whether we should leave now or not.

Staff told us to go downstairs. We all went down and sat for a while. And then I was so happy when Mr. Shin appeared. Because Jooni will show up when Mr. Shin appears.
Yes. Joonie came.
He was wearing a hooded black leather jacket and black skinny jean.
He was coming in front of me.

It was strange to me. Why? Because he wasn’t the same person we saw in the picture.
His face is small, and his eyes, nose, and mouth was big and clear. He was so pretty. He looks way younger and more handsome in person than a picture.

I can’t remember what kind of questions I asked to him.
He looks slim.
How is your health?
“Yes. I’m good. (smile)” He saw my eyes. I didn’t know that he has big eyes.
He is in his late 30s, but his eyes were big and clear compare to his age.

“How are the injured fans?”
“One fan was really hurt, and the others got bruises.”
“Reporters came?”
“News already came out saying, 27 got injuries.”
“Which station is it?”
“I don’t know”

“How are the others?”
Toru nim tapped me.. So, Okay, I better stop here.
“I’m going to visit the hospital.”
Toru said, “I should have gotten hurt.”
The others said too, “I should have gotten hurt.”
Joonie said, “I should have gotten hurt.”
We all shout, “No!!”
President Bae should have gotten hurt.
We all laughed.

And then, silence..
Ah, Choi Ji Woo showed up too.
Both of them spoke to each other’s ear.
Joonie said, “They said that I came alone.”, and then, Choi Ji Woo tapped on him.
Both of them were in black like a couple look and they made a good picture.
In my own opinion, they make a good couple.

Silence for a while.
Why aren’t they asking questions or are they so distracted by his face?
Ah.. TodakTodak nim said,

“We thought that this might be the last event for us.”
“No.”.. smile..It won’t.”

Up to here, I quenched your curiosity.
I regretted the way back all along.
I forgot to tell him what I really wanted to tell him.

Thank you for lunch, Yong Joon ssi.
Do you want to say something else to the Korean fans?

I really don’t know how I could live with today’s memory.
Emptiness and excitement are mixed a bit.
I really wish that my actions remain as an exciting memory in the future and
I hope our actor will be happy all the time.

Please try to understand my ramblings; I just want to share my feelings with you.
Are we going to have another event like this one?

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