Saturday, March 13, 2010

[Trans] Notice from KOB

source: suehan's blog

We’d like to inform you, Families.

Hello, Families;

We believe that you, Families, are concerned about the news related to the Animation Winter Sonata filming in live action this afternoon. First, we deeply apologize for concerning you. We’d like to explain the situation since there are many questions from Families who are concerned and worried about it.

As you already might know, there was the filming in live action of the last scene of the Animation Winter Sonata at a resort in Jeongdongjin, Gangneng today. As planned, the filming in live action was processed smoothly with the casts.

We stopped the filming in live action and Bae Yong Joon ssi was taking pictures with the fans who came to see the filming to commemorate the event. While taking pictures, suddenly, a strong wind blew and even we couldn’t control our balance. So, we stopped taking pictures with the fans and moved to the inside of the resort. However, a strong wind moved the rostrum which was set up to take pictures and post was set up to guide the filming, and, unfortunately, Families got injured while we’re moving inside.

Luckily, the patients received the treatment promptly because ambulance and other cars, which were waiting at the site, could transport them to the hospitals in Gangneung fast.

After that, Bae Yong Joon ssi visited all the hospitals in Gangneung where Families who were visiting the filming site and other patients were hospitalized, deeply apologized them, and wished their speedy recovery..

From now on, Keyeast will take care of all related matters and do our best, so all of them recover completely. We promise to take care of the follow up arrangements for you, so do not worry about it.

Not only for us, but there are big and small damages in Gangwondo due to today’s strong wind. We truthfully hope that there aren’t big damages.

From now on, we’ll work harder to send you good messages.
Again, we deeply apologize to you, Families, for your concern.


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