Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[Trans] Message / words that YJ conveyed to the family after the incident happened

The message / words that YJ conveyed to the family after the incident happened.

Posted and translated to Chinese : loveyongjoon / snowkin
translated to English : jaime (http://jaimezbyj.blogspot.com)



遠くから いらしてくださった皆さんと家族寫真を撮りたかったのに、こんなことになってしまってごめんなさい。








ごめんなさい。 理解してくださって、ありがとう。」(Yさん訳)

I am sorry, how should I say it? I do not have any words to express.
Today is supposed to be a happy day, and it turns out to be like this, I am deeply sorry.
I want to have pictures taken with the family who travel from afar, but it turns out this way, I apologize.
I heard that 20 people got injured, some are in more serious conditions.
I am not able to continue the photograph session with the family anymore. Some day, I will find another opportunity to have our family picture taken again, that's what I hope to do.
The condition of the injured family is still not known, I have to visit them in the hospital now.
I am truly sorry, please give me your understanding, thank you.

2010년 3월12일겨울연가 강원도 정동진 겨울연가 주연 배용준과 최지우 결혼신촬영하고왔어용~~
From cafe.daum.net/byjfan by 처음사랑
The setting for the WLS Anime final episode - wedding scene arrangement


jaime said...

Thanks xiaoyi for reposting it here. hehe, you even found pictures that I have never seen before, thanks. Doesn't that look like the cottage Junsang lived at the end of the drama?

love .... jaime

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,
Ha ha... actually, i should be thanking you for the trans.
Yea, the place is nice and sweet... what a pity... Just hope YJ wouldn't feel so bad.

Take care & loves, xiaoyi