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[Trans] DATV Event - Manager Yang's Talk

[Photo&Vod] 3/22 DATV開局半年記念이벤트
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fuyuka posted her account on today’s DATV event.
She went to the session from 1 o’clock, whereas I went to the 5 o’clock one.
As I found what Manager Yang said was pretty much the same
and her memory was much better than mine,
so I translated her account, hehe.

original in japanese FUYUKA's BLOG
translated into english: cloud nine

DATV 6-month Anniversary Event

I went to this event. It was sunny today, but was cold.
At Sangenchaya I changed the trains to Setag*aya line.
On the way I had a relaxing and heartwarming feelings somehow.
It’s been a while I took a local train like this.
(cloud nine: it is tiny little trains of 2 cars!)
The venue was a 5-minute walk from Shoinjinja mae station.

Here we are at Setag*aya Ward Hall.
So many people were already there.

Then the session started from 1 o’clock.

Miss Miyamot, DATV announcer appeared on the stage,
followed by DATV CEO who greeted and apologized for the mishap
saying he was so sorry for the trouble
and now the company was doing its best to cope with the matter.
He continued that DATV has received various opinions
and they would like to present the events and contents
that everyone can enjoy more.

Then the unreleased scene from a making video
of ‘A Journey To trace the beauty of Korea’ was screened.

The scene that Yong Joon and a monk were sweeping with the bamboo brooms
set an audience roaring with laughter since Yon-sama looked clumsy with the broom.

Was it a ten to fifteen minutes video?
Then Manager Yang came up to the stage, which caused a flood of flashlights…

(As Miss Miyamoto said “Really amazing flashlights~~”.
I guess that shooting was not banned.
There was no notice about it either, so I have posted the pictures here.)

“I’m sorry that we were unable to visit each everyone (in the hospital).
We are praying that they will recover as soon as possible.”

“I haven’t actually seen Yong Joon clean his room (laugh),
but his room is always tidy.”

“When I visit him to his house, he welcomes me with the snacks, tea and meals.
He always clears away. (laugh)

“He cooks shabu-shabu or spaghetti or something like that.”

“He likes bland taste and dislikes instant foods.”

“So he was happy with the meals at the temple.”

“What he was bad at? Maybe love? “ (big laugh)

“That’s why he is not married. I’m just joking.”

“We started to talk about love since I got married.
He asked me if I was happy to be married." (laugh)

“I answered that it was good.”

“After I got married, he never calls me after nine o’clock." (laugh)

Manager Yang met BYJ about ten years ago.

“My first impression was ‘He was handsome.’ “

“I think he grew old a little, but at that time he was more handsome.”

“As his manager the work that I was impressed most is WLS.”

“It was hard work indeed and I still keep the down jacket I wore at that time
so that I won’t forget those days.
The North Face jacket which Yong Joon bought me.”

“He is mischievous and sometimes plays with my kid.
My daughter knows that Yong Joon is handsomer and richer. (laugh)
Just a joke…(laugh) “

“Lastly as for his work, I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“We wish to decide the next work soon and start working.”

There was a Q&A session
(cloud nine: I attended the 5pm session, and there was no Q&A)

To the question of “How is Yong Joon-ssi?”

He just answered “He is fine.”

There was also a request that fans wanted a message or some words,
even as short as four (Yon) lines.
He answered that he would pass the request to Yong Joon.

This is what I remember from the notes I took, so if there is something wrong I’m sorry.
But he told us a story of such nuance.
It was about an hour event.

I had a good time to meet many sisters after a while.

These are the goods we got with the 2,000-yen ticket.

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