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[Trans] Bae Yong Joon

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Original in Korean: Lee Jeong Min (2010.03.26 22:54)
Translated into English: suehan

Sometimes my son is called for the CF or movie shooting even though he isn’t a famous actor. One day before the shooting day, we got a call from someone related to the Japanese animation Winter Sonata shooting site and we went there.

I hesitate a bit because he would appear as a supporting actor, but since I promised to appear, we hurried to there despite of hardship. Many people came hurriedly as well, but I regretted to go there because of the cold weather. I was really sorry for my son.

After about 40-50 minutes, we started to move and headed to the studio. It took about 20 minutes by walk. Until that time, all of the child actors’ mothers were upset.

About two hours have passed, the shooting started, and about another hour has passed.. What’s going on here? Oh My God. Suddenly Bae Yong Joon showed up.

I was so surprised because he was right in front of me, and my bad mood thus far disappeared because of him. Everyone goes to see him despite of their hardships, but I’m seeing him right next to me. Wow.

Thanks to my son. But, my son didn’t know that, and he kept running, fell down, and even a woman assistant director gave him looks continuously. Thinking to go back home, but I decided to stay because I didn’t want such a long waiting period to go in vain.

He wasn’t my favorite entertainer, so I started to lose interests in him as time passed even though he passed by me. He was expressionless, wearing sun glasses and didn’t look at my son even once. My son was more handsome than him. I thought so~~

I was so surprised by his smile when he filmed the last wedding picture. He was expressionless and suddenly he smiled so naturally. Right at that moment, it reminded me of my most beloved husband with a potbelly.

I couldn’t help but be so surprised by his natural expression while he filmed three or four cuts. I couldn’t find his uneasy appearance as a star anywhere. He was so lovely.

He really was to me an angel while others expressed Choi Ji Woo an angel. (Of course, she was so pretty.) Oh my gosh. How can he smile so lovely like that?

There are many people, who smile nicely, but he is a born artist to me, I call myself a philosophical person. As I implied before, I didn’t admire or miss him. Frankly, I didn’t have an interest in him as an entertainer. I like Kang Dong Won who has totally a different style. If you contact me, I really appreciate it. Ha ha ha.

Let’s go back to the original story; it’s a bit of a sensitive issue, but I remember the article about his past love story. Not like now, when he had a difficult time, he had a lover, but his parents didn’t like her. It seemed like a drama to me.

I don’t know whether it’s a true or not, but he must have been hurt. Not only that, he might have been hurt for some other reasons, so he looks cold to endure them. But I could sense his warm heart from his smile.

It seems far-fetched? I clearly guess that, then, is he a born artist? or does he have a good fortune in his face? If I need to choose one, I want to select the first.

There must be someone who is born with superior abilities. Born with a beautiful face, or body, or singing ability, or talking skills.

But, I don’t think he was born with those abilities. Of course, it’s from my standpoint. That’s why I respect him. And I envy him, but I can’t be near him. But I want to know if I need to learn something from him and if so, I want to show it to my son.

It might be a part of excessive motherhood (to raise my son, a child actor, like him), but I’m happy because I found it (suehan: a role model?).

Was it the first time for me to see an entertainer?? Ah... I’m a country girl. I admit that.

A child actor’s mother next to me tried to take a picture of Bae Yong Joon ssi, but she was restrained. I requested it to his manager politely, but I was refused as well. I wasn’t upset because his manager explained the reasons to me very politely by saying, “Others might want to take pictures of him too.”.

Actually, I wasn’t regretting it much at that time. But I’m regretting it a lot now.

I saw his smile and I should have requested to take a picture of him politely again. I’m not sure anybody can see him in his/her life time.
Like this, “Would you please take a picture with my son, so he can want to be like you, Bae Yong Joon ssi?”

I think I should have been brave. If I took a picture of him, even though I was refused, still my son might have felt something when he would have seen me requesting the picture.

For example,
“What? You ignored my mother? I’ll pay you back.” or, if he knew he was a famous person, “Wow, I took a picture with such a famous person. I’ll be successful as him.”, like this.

I don’t think I can’t sleep well tonight.
I don’t like one side love, but I’ll be really happy when I have someone, whom I can feel and learn from while I watch him. Is this called fascination??

I’m 34 years old, and it’s my first time being fascinated with an entertainer.

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