Sunday, March 21, 2010

[Reposted and Trans]It’s a big hit. I saw Bae Yong Joon ssi. Excited X 100

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April 24th, (suehan: I think it’s the date when Seoul-Choon Cheon Highway opened last year.), Saturday (suehan: Did she see him yesterday, Korea time? I’m not sure.), the highway has been opened a long time ago and we finally used it.


I browsed the internet fast yesterday; Gapyong Rest Area has good reviews. Of course, we stopped by.

We finished eating, took some pictures, and then,

These days, what’s that called? Anyway, I saw a traditional Korean dress designer, Lee Hyo Jae ssi, who published a book Like Hyojae (?). Lee Hyo Jae ssi’s husband, Lim Dong Chang, is a brilliant but nutty pianist.

I don’t like that style because it looks too affectionate and unrealistic. But I kept watching her. It was funny when she asked me to take a picture with her.. hahaha

Yonsama was among that group. I captured a glimpse of him. Wow! Is it Yonsama?

I just passed by him..

Can you see him? Bae Yong Joon, behind my husband, is wearing black clothes, a black cap and a black muffler!! Can you believe me?

I looked at him carefully. The red arrow indicates Lee Hyojae (her face is shown clearly because she isn’t hiding it), and right next to her stands Yonsama! Until now, I wasn’t clear about it.

He is on the left side. I confirmed that he was Yonsama when I uploaded the picture.
But this wasn’t the end.

We hurried and headed to the famous restaurant, Yupori Makguksu (suehan: Noodle) House.

(suehan: We can assume that she saw him recently in March from the calendar in the picture)

They gave so much food; it got us so full. We had a vending machine coffee when we came out of the restaurant. We met them here again!!
What? Same route?

He was in mysterious black clothing: a black cap, sunglasses, and muffler. He was about a head taller than the others. His face was so small.

Even about 2-3 meters a far, I could see he had clear-cut features. It’s him. Bae! Yong! Joon! I was right. Right?

Only I saw him~ Only me! (My husband went to the restroom in this critical moment.)

A group of ten people and I were standing in front of the noodle house. I was by myself! What should I do~~

Talk to them? No? Take pictures? What if they complain? I was seriously contemplating for a while.

Hew. I couldn't decide what to do until they got in the car. I just watched them get in the car. I’m always like this.

I took pictures of their cars to comfort me.
The Black Land Rover which Yonsana got into already left so I took pictures of the BMW which Lee Hyo Jae ssi was in and another black car to its left.
How could I explain the beating of my heart at that moment?
He was really handsome.
He was handsome enough that even the Japanese Ajummas loved him.

Ah~~ I had fun~~
Wow~~ It was a fruitful day!

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