Sunday, March 21, 2010

[Reposted and Trans]Filming for the animation Winter Sonata on March 19, Friday.

Reposted from suehan's blog


We arrived at the filming site after the twists and turns.
We waited at the basement, and we were called up to the fourth floor.
It was the last scene of the wedding scene.
There were only three children, so the director, assistant director, and staff were nice to us.
The children made noises, but they quieted down when they heard, “Action!”.
They were so nice. Hahaha

We were so happy when Bae Yong Joon ssi and Choi Ji Woo ssi came while we were in the middle of filming.
Of couse, big stars were different. Their atmospheres from their appearnces were different.
My eyestrain disappeared completely. It looked like it was my lucky day, not Yubin’s.

The filming started a little after 11:00, but ended at 4:00
The children were so happy, even though their mothers had leg and lower back pains.
Yubin did something that wasn’t in the script, but the director prasied and encouraged her to continue acting.
Actor Ryu Seong Soo ssi said that she had talent and praised her. For these reasons, it was a pleasant day which made the weariness dissappear.


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