Friday, March 12, 2010

[News]BYJ and PJY’s collaboration drama, ‘Dream High’, will begin filming in the later part of this year. “Who will be the leading role?"

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2010-03-11 10:45

[Sports Chosun ― Reporter Lee In Gyeong] ‘Dream High’, Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young’s collaboration drama, will begin filming full scale in the later part of this year, and the leading role draws attention. A related officer said, “A draft of the synopsis and script came out. Dynamic stories, which are different than the existing school dramas, are included. We expect good results. We are speeding up the preparation work to start filming in the later part of this year, and we’re discussing the casting of the leading roles.”

‘Dream High’ is the first drama that Keyeast, BYJ’s management company, and JYP Entertainment, JYP’s enterprise, collaborated on. It’ll be the school drama which describes the friendship and hardships of talented art school students. They made the co-production contract to produce the drama in January of last year to broadcast it in the first part of this year, but it was a bit delayed.

Recently, the synopsis came out and the discussion about the leading roles sped up because the synopsis allowed us to visualize the film in the later part of this year. As expected, the many entertainers from Keyeast and JYP’s company came forward in this drama.

In Keyast, there are many new faces including ‘Little Ko Soo’ Kim Soo Hyun, Na Hye Mi of ‘High Kick without hitch’, and Yoo Seol Ah. In JYP Entertainment, there are many idol stars including 2PM, Wonder Girls, and 2AM. Especially, If Soolong of 2AM and Taek Yeon of 2PM receive good acting evaluation in 'Individual’s taste’ and ‘Cinderella Sister.’ as a side work, their participation in the drama will be more likely. However, some fans don’t support JYP’s advancement to the acting field because of JaeBom’s release from 2PM. Someone from JYP's company said, “Casting(? suehan) relating the drama hasn’t been decided yet.”


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