Friday, March 12, 2010

[Info] Green Globe Film Awards - Pls voted for BYJ

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61969Shall we vote for YJ? - Green Globe Film Awards [4]가을산21:56:5218
YJ nominated as the International Entertainer(Asia) and Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year at Green Globe Film Awards.

What is important here is that the winner is selected by VOTE.
So let's vote for YJ. =)

How to vote:
1. go to
2. Click 'vote for a movie' menu at the left side.
3. Scroll down patiently to the bottom.
4. Find the questions that has YJ's Name on the list, which is:
- Best International Entertainer (Asia) and
- Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year

5. Find the questions that we still can vote for YJ, such as:
- Best International Actor(Asia),
- Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Decade, and
- 10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia).
--> click 'others' and write 'Bae Yong Joon'.

6. select your country, age, and email address.

Then vote.

1. Once you submit your vote, you cannot see the questions again. Be sure you filled all the votes that you are interested in.
2. The vote ends on March 15th.

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