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[Trans][One Scene] Photographer Yonsama’s Trip Essay of Korea

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Hangeore 2010-02-26 18:16

[Hangeore] Gods of Four Direction (suehan: 四方神) and The Image of The 12 Earthly Branches (suehan: 十二支像) are carved just like characters in a cartoon in the stone rail with familiar feelings. Many of the fierce animals’ head are facing Geunjeong Palace (suehan: 勤政殿), so I can feel that they’re guarding rigorously. After examining their direction precisely, it might be interesting to accuse those who’re facing wrong direction. They have the look of a stern Confucian culture, but there are many humorous aspects in the detailed decorations. The aesthetic tastes and optimistic aspects are noticeable since these characteristics were allowed to be build for the Palace. (Page 290-291, Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea)

Written and Photographed by Bae Yong Joon/Seedpapaer 18,000 Won

*suehan: I picked up some photos from to help you understand.

Geunjeong Palace

The Image of The 12 Earthly Branches

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