Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Reposted & Trans] From TV program “The Eight Hundred Millionth”

Reposted from suehan's blog

Translated into Korean: yume3 (cafe byjfan)
Tranlslated into English: suehan

Fans of the stars who work in various fields appeared.
There was a Yongsama’ fan among them.
I extracted some of the contents.

It has been 5 years since I started loving Yonsama.

I spent so much money on Yongsama.

Eight passionate fans of the celebrities.

We heard the story about how they became fans.

Who filed a bankruptcy?

Money spent to support Yongsama

Trip to Korea (21times) ... 3.15 mil Yen
Goods ... 3.00 mil Yen
Telephone bills. ... 3.00 mil Yen
Tuition to learn Korean cuisine. ... 0.44 mil Yen
Tuition to learn Korean ... 0.25mil Yen
etc. ... 1.16 mil Yen
Total ... 11.00 mil Yen

Telephone bills; because there are fans in Korea and Japan.

Telephone bill was 3 million Yen for the exchange information.

Books and Magazines.

Third place in spending money since she became a fan.

A fan of a singer ranked first place in spending money.

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