Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[News Trans]The best Korean drama for Japanese is ‘Daejangkeum’.

source: translated by suehan on http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/

YTN 2010-02-23 01:44

It has been revealed that the best Korean drama for Japanese is still ‘Daejangkeum’.

Asahi Newspaper conducted the survey yesterday (22nd) among their 2,800 internet members about the best drama from 150 Korean drama DVDs, and released the result. It showed that the best drama was ‘Daejanggeum’, the second was ‘Winter Sonata, and the third was ‘Beautiful days’.

Also, the fourth was ‘TWSSG’ that Bae Yong Joon, the main cast of ‘Winter Sonata’, performed enthusiastically, and ‘My name is Kim Samsoon’ which was broadcasted in Japan recently was the seventh place.


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