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[News Trans] Animation originated from drama coming into home theaters is ‘visualizing’.

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ZDNet Korea 2010-02-22 16:18

[ZDnet Korea]In recent home theater, dramas originated from animations like ‘Princess Hours (aka Goong)’, ‘Boys over Flowers, and ‘God of Study’, etc. showed popularity continuously. Solid contents were based on the entertainment and recognition success; it shows off good coordination with the dramas.

Contrary to this, we can hear the news about the animated popular dramas often. Animation ‘Dream of Janggem’ for children is a good example of one of the successful animated dramas.

On the 22th, according to the related industry, animations that target to become the second ‘Dream of Janggeum’ sent an expedition and it caught our attention.

First, animation ‘TWSSG (Legend)’ has plans to broadcast the first part of this year and launched its production.

‘TWSSG’, Bae Yong Joon, Moon So Ri, and Lee Ji Ah played as the main characters, achieved 30% viewing rates in 2007 and played an important role in the historical drama fever. It was such a popular drama that it created its own genre, ‘Fantasy Fusion Historical Drama’, and it was a completely different category to that of the existing historical dramas. Last year, the production of animation of ‘TWSSG’ was announced and it became a popular topic.

GNG Entertainment (ceo: Jeong Geukpo), Mix Film (ceo: Ryu, Hee Jeong), and Neo of Japan are producing ‘TWSSG’ together. It is known that it consists of 26 episodes and a total of 3.6 billion Won was invested in the production costs.

Damdeok (King Gwanggato) was the main character in the original drama, but Georyeon (King Jangsoo), Damdeok’s son, is the main character in the animation. It shows the adventures in which Georyeon and the four gods fight against the forces that threaten Korea.

When GNG Entertainment made the contract they said they’ll use unique computer graphics and special techniques and it has heightened its expectation. They have experience in the Japanese market through the animation ‘I’m sorry, I love you.’ In 2006.

‘Winter Sonata’ played a major role in the Hallyu fever. Its animation will be broadcasting domestically and ‘Studio, Meditate with Pencil’, which is famous for ‘Dinosaur and I’, is handling its production.

‘Winter Sonata’ describes the 10 years story from the high school days of Joonsang and Yujin who are the main characters of the drama with beautiful color. When they started its production, the fact that Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo who were the main characters of drama took the role of the voice actors became a topic of conversation.

Its broadcasting started in Japan last year and in the last episode, the scenes in which Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo appear will be broadcasted in April. Domestically, it’ll be broadcasted in the first part of this year.


Reporter Jeong Yunhee

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