Wednesday, January 06, 2010

[Trans]The production of BYJ’s has been cancelled

Source : My Daily
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The production of BYJ’s has been cancelled. The plan to return to TV has reached a temporary deadlock

Based on the media report in Korea, in Beijing reported in the afternoon of the 5th January that BYJ’s Keyeast has announced the cancellation of the production plan for the TV drama staring BYJ. This news has greatly disappointed many viewers who have long anticipated for his return to the TV screen.

is the first TV production for Keyeast. In early 2008 Keyeast signed an agreement with Kodansha of Japan for the remake of the TV drama, in the hope of promoting wine appreciation in Korea.

However if they choose to follow the original manga, it is inevitable that numerous brands of wine will be appearing on TV. This will be in violation of S Korea’s indirect advertisement provision. But filming with fabricated brands would diminish the original storyline.

Due to the many issues in question, in addition the agreement of the remake has- expired. After careful consideration of all aspects, Keyeast has finally decided to cancel the plan production of .

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