Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Trans] Some updates on BYJ

A post from Seoul

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Gone to Seoul where it is bitterly cold. Around 4:40pm on the 12th of Jan, YJ drove to the dermatology clinic (一梅: it did not mention who drove, according to the article it should be YJ who drove himself to the pl-ace, no mention of the bodyguard or the manager. Pretty daring).

He walked past fans who were neatly standing and forming a passage leading to the entrance. They were well mannered and not even one step was moved towards YJ.

YJ came out around 6:15pm, a fan wrote on a piece of paper [we won’t move, only request a hand shake] trying to show to YJ. YJ then took off his glove on the right hand, and shook hands one by one while looking into each of their eyes. Wow,~~lucky. His warmth touched the core of everyone’s heart. All the fans were politely and quietly standing motionless, experiencing once more our courteous YJ’s true colours.

Jang Dong Gun or Bae Yong Joon to play a special armed forces sniper is now being discussed

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To Chinese : 爱俊一梅 / (2010-1-15 23:37 )
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A film by KT about anti-terrorism which sets the store by Cheong Wa Dae (Presidential office) is currently being planned and has accepted to partake in the co-production. It is considering issues regarding who will be involved and investment / production costs.

The production firm ORADE is planning to base the movie on a true story about Kim Sun II, who was murdered by an Arab terror organisation. The movie Baghdad plan will be a heroic story about a South Korean secret agent who was fighting terrorism (to be screened in December 2010). A 10 billion won scale investment is being considered.

It has already been decided that Choi Min Sik will be the Director of National Intelligence. For the sniper or special agent, whether it is Jang Dong Gun or Bae Yong Joon , the discussion continues.

The material of this film is similar to the TV drama< Iris> focusing on anti-terrorism. The leading roles will be played by top actors. The production will also be supported by the government, with affirmative action. However there are some worries, for example, the failure of the movie sets a bad precedent for such movies, due to the anti sentiment during the previous political regime.

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Tamar1973 said...

IT would be nice of our Bae Yong Joon and Choi Min Sik got back together again, but I wonder if Jang Dong Gun would snag this role instead.