Sunday, January 10, 2010

[More photos & trans] BYJ at Gim Nyung on Jan 8, 2010

source: Quilt by suehan

BYJ at Gim Nyung in Jeju on Jan 8, 2010

A story about BYJ’s visit of the Gim Nyung Yacht Tour

1st pic: Japanese fans who were waiting early.
2nd pic: They were following directions well in spite of the cold weather.
3rd pic: The car byj was in arrived.
4th pic: It is a picture of the filming on the yacht.
The picture is blurry because of the complete restriction of shooting.
5th pic: He was leaving the dock after the shooting.
6th pic: It was a cold and windy day.


(Please click the above link if you want to see bigger pictures)

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