Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Wishing everyone a prosperous, peaceful, healthy, happy and safe 2010!!

source: fotosearch

[Photos] Beauty of Korea photo book

source: bofi

Seven-Eleven Net / tomato books are also available at 7-11 net shopping. i am not sure if these are sample or fixed features for the new photo book to be released in February.

[VOD] Ep 9

Monday, December 28, 2009

[Info] PARK BOF in Jeju closed!

source: tomato

PARKBOF in Jeju has closed as of 15 December 2009.

It seems the contract with JAMtour has terminated as of this December.

[Capture] byj ranks 1,2 + 3 at Kinokuniya weekly ranking!!

source: Forest+ Kinokuniya / tomato

BYJ's photo book and two dvds rank top3 at Kinokuniya's online shopping store, "Forest plus."

[Info] Gosireh lucky bags 2010 - BOFi

source: bofi / tomato

gosireh goodies valued jpy 3,630 packed at special price of jpy 2,100 (tax incl.)
limited 180 sets available....already out of stock