Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I will be on vacation, take care!

Dear all,

I'll be on vacation with my family for the next few days, see you all next week!

Take care! & Miss you all and definitely YJ too!

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[VOD / Notice] BYJ's Seal The Deal Message

source: KOB / laki's blog

The audio link for YJ's voice

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[BOF Public Notice] Guide to the UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign

How are you. This is BOF.

Because there is a news that is waiting for warm interests from many people in cold winter, we deliver it in this Public Notice.

The news is exactly that Mr. BYJ participated in UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign by narrating its public service video.

The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign is the one to urge people all over the world to have interests in climatic changes prior to the Climatic Agreement General Assembly to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in coming December.

We would like you to feel in the video Mr. BYJ's heart-felt voice, informing the seriousness of the climatic changes and appealing the importance of green growth.

You can check the video, made public in Naver Happy Bin on the 25th, also in the link below.
We beg many people warm interests as it is a profoundly significant campain with which Mr. BYJ also deeply symphasized.

[Go directly to the Seal the Deal Campaign]

We wish you to have happy year end with precious people during a little remaining year 2009.
Thank You.

Respectfully Yours, BOF

[News] Bae’s Food Chain in Japan

11-25-2009 14:22
source: The Korea Times

Hallyu superstar Bae Yong-joon, who has been actively promoting Korean food and culture recently, will open the third outlet of his Korean food chain in Japan, Friday.

The “Winter Sonata” hero will launch Goshire Gun in the basement of Seibu Department Store in Tokyo. The store will sell Korean dishes including salads, “ssambab'”(lettuce wraps) and “juk” (porridge), among others.

In 2006 the actor, affectionately called “Yonsama” by Japanese fans, opened Goshire, a traditional Korean restaurant, in Shirogane, Tokyo. Last year he launched a traditional Korean bar, Goshire Hwa, in Nagoya.

Bae also has Korean lunchboxes, called Goshire Bento, being sold in major Japanese convenience stores. Featuring 16 dishes from Korea's ancient Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-A.D. 668) such as “bulgogi” and kimchi, the lunch sets sell at 2,500 yen (about $26), the highest that any lunchbox has been priced in Japan.

He also has a successful restaurant business in Korea. Gorilla in the Kitchen, located near Dosan Park, Sinsa-dong, is popular among young crowds for its herbal salads and sandwiches.

The 37-year-old rose to stardom in Japan and other Asian countries through the melodrama “Winter Sonata.” In September he and his co-star Choi Ji-woo took part in a large promotional event at Tokyo Dome to promote an animated version of the TV series.

[11.16] [trans] (2009/11/07) BYJ Television interview (Japanese Sky PerfecTV) Part3

[11.16] [trans] (2009/11/07) BYJ Television interview (Japanese Sky PerfecTV) Part3

Origin: SKY PerfectTV (2009.11.07) Part3
To Chinese : snowkin /
To English : cam /

Continuing on from Part2

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[VOD] Tokyo Dome BTS

source: YouTube

[VOD] Ep 6

Monday, November 23, 2009

[Photo] Rare Photos of TWSSG

[RarePhotos]배용준 태왕사신기 촬영장 레어
source: byjgallery by style

[VOD] Megane Ichiba Promo CF - 20.11.09

[Posters] Drama Winter Love Song posters

source: tomato

[Trans] Healthy Korean menu "gosireh gon" open on 27 Nov. 2009

source: gosireh gon / tomato

Korean deli, gosireh gon opens on Friday, 27 November 2009 at Seibu Department Store at Ikebukuro.
address: 1-28-1 Minami Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo
Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro
opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (sun. hol. - 20:00)

Deli Category:
healthy Korean dishes with balanced seasonal food

combination of vegetable, meat, fish and noodles, well balanced salad.
grill, fry, simmer and mix, salad cooked in various variations.

Shake Salad with 5 Namuls / jpy 480 (tax incl.)
enjoyable new type namul

BIBIMBAP = SALAD + mix x enjoy
BIBIMBAP means "mixture of rice"
a bowl of rice with staple food, main dish and side dish all included.

Today's Bibimbap / jpy 630 (tax incl.)
Korean traditional bowl, one dish with various vegetables and rice

SAMBAP = tradition + SALAD + wrap
SAMBAP means "wrapped rice"
one mouth sized rice rolls with vegetables or meat.

Sambap rice box (period limited) / jpy 1,260 (tax incl.)
30 servings everyday till 8 December.
not familiar in Japan, new type of Korean rolled rice.

HOT CEREAL = SALAD + simmer x love
porridge is considered nutritious food in Korea.
healthy food with vegetable, meat or sea food.

Hot cereal of pumpkin from Hokkaido / jpy 630 (tax incl.)

First off-line shop for Gosireh original products

Gosireh Chinese cabbage Kimchi / jpy 458 (tax incl.)

[trans] (2009/11/07) BYJ TV interview (Japanese Sky PerfecTV) Part2

[11.12] [trans] (2009/11/07) BYJ Television interview (Japanese Sky PerfecTV) Part2

Origin: SKY PerfectTV (2009.11.07) Part2
To Chinese : snowkin /
To English : cam /

Continuing on from Part1

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