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[New Photo] 11/7 Arnaldo Bassini WinterSeason Pannel & Photo Frames

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[trans] SkyPerfectv preview – BYJ interview

SkyPerfectv preview – BYJ interview

Original :
to Chinese : Fay_cheng /
to English : cam /

Q1: The two events held in Tokyo with an assumed air of grandness. What were you thinking when facing the Japanese families (fans) who came especially from all over Japan?

Answer: In fact my health wasn’t great. I was a bit worried when leaving Seoul. However when I thought about the families, I drew an unthinkable strength from them. Seeing my families, I felt vigorous regardless of how long the event went on. Luckily it ended successfully. When I think back, I feel that “I absolutely should not allow the families to worry this much ever again” and my commitment to “health first” has become stronger.

Q2: Your latest work, the animated started broadcasting in SKYPE. How do you feel about it currently?

Answer: I was delighted. I feel very happy about being able to go back to the moment via animation dubbing. Given that the season is changing towards winter, one’s mood is designed to become warmer and it is harder to part from it.

Q3. The animated has touched on and extended some storylines that were not in the original TV drama. How were the storylines extended? What sort of ending would it be this time?

Answer: The scenes not in the TV drama are currently filming in New York and France (smile). The new plots follow the two of them mutually exclusively to New York and France for those 3 blank years after they part at the airport. The ending has not yet been decided. Perhaps it should be more advanced than the TV drama. Personally I would like to see a happy ending.

Q4: “Han Ah Yeo” (Journey in search of the beauty of Korea) has already been published. The word “Yeo” (Journey) was added to the book title, what sort of meaning does it hold?

Answer: This book is divided into “living”, “outings”, “leaving behind”, “contemplation”, “returning”, “out again”. I believe life is like a continuous Yeo. Therefore in this book, as I encounter Korean culture, at the same time, I also encountered myself. Therefore the word “Yeo” is used.

Q5: The style of this book is like “creating the cultures after encountering them unexpectedly”… but

Answer: I believe life is actually about continuous encounters. Previously I mentioned the topic “Yeo”. In the journey of life, we strike the same chord with new encounters and gaining new knowledge. Therefore I trust the end result would be an exchange of cultures. Shouldn’t we share our knowledge and learn the unknowns from others in order to share these feelings?

Q6: As an actor, also as a person, What is still on Mr BYJ’s mind?

Answer: Whether as an actor or as a person, I believe one should “live properly”. For example, I feel that in order to live properly and how to live properly, listening to opinions around me is very important. At the same time, in order to listen to opinions properly, creating an environment which will allow one to exchange one’s opinions is also very important.


「うれしいです。今回 アニメの収録が始まって再び「冬のソナタ」の時の気持ちに戻れてうれしく思いました。それにちょうど季節も冬に向かっているので温かく切ない感情がより心にしみるのではと思います。」


ストーリーとして追加されています。エンディングはまだ きまっていません。

「この本は“暮らす”“出かける”“忘却” “思索” “帰る”“また出かける”というパートに分かれています。私は人間の人生そのものが旅の連続のように思っています。ですからこの本は韓国文化に出会える本ですが旅によって変化した私自身にも出会えます。そういう意味で“旅”を使いました。」



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[VOD]2009.11.05 MIYANEYA / Sky Perfec TV BYJ Interview

[스크랩] [VOD]2009.11.05 MIYANEYA / Sky Perfec TV 배용준님 인터뷰
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[Trans] BYJ, "to make a book that tells the truth", interviewed Nikkan Sports [Sports Chosun]

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From Sports Chosun internet news.

BYJ, "to make a book that tells the truth", interviewed Nikkan Sports

[Sports Chosun]11/5/09 14:51

capture of Nikkan Sports article on 11/5/09

BYJ (37) hled an exclusive interview with Nikkan Sports, an influential Japanese media, and disclosed difficulties and worths as a writer. BYJ, having published the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty' in past September, was introduced with the interview on no less than 2 pages in Nikkan Sports on the 5th.

In this interview, he revealed in detail about his feeling about his own book becoming the best seller in both countries of Korea and Japan, and the process of writing during the past one year.

BYJ spoke his mind frankly saying, "Although it was a difficult project having to stay up all night continuously nearing the finishing date, it was very worthwhile work."Continuing on, regarding 'feeling when he first saw the finished copy', he said, "At first, I had hard time to an extent to think if I may not be able to finish this book. However, once I saw the finished published copy, I was very much moved, and felt that I accomplished my duty only by then."

Also, to a question, "Even though you were able to wirte the book without personally experiencing the culture, why did yo insist to suffer to that extent', he explained, "This book is the book that tells the truth. I thought that if I do not talk my real appearance when talking about myself, the meaning would disappear. Because I am not a professional writer, I thought that it was the best to express my thoughts as intactly as they were."

On the other hand, BYJ visited Japan on the 30th in the past month to attend promotional event of animation 'WLS' and event to commemorate the publication in Tokyo, Japan, and he told a news that he was recovering from the sepsis he contracted recently.

Reported by Lee Jinho, Sports Chosun T-News,
Copyright (c) Sports Chosun

[Trans] BYJ, recovered completely from the 'sepsis' [Hankook Daily]

source: byjgallery by Joanne

Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
BYJ, recovered completely from the 'sepsis'

[Hankook Daily]11/5/09 06:51
Actor BYJ has completely shaken off the sepsis.

Recently, BYJ carries on his planned schedule normally as he recovered from the sepsis completely. He no longer gets outpatient treatment. He is managing his health as he adjusts schedule so that he does not overstrain his body. A staff at his agency BOF said, "His physical condition had improved to an extent that it is difficult to find any ill appearance now. He also excercises for speedy recovery."

BYJ was treated in a hospital for five days after getting diagnosed early stage of the sepsis in the middle of past September. After writing the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty' and before promotion in Japan, there was overlapping accumulation of fatigue and feeling of psychological burden. As a result of forcing himself into schedule in Japan, his blood sugar and blood pressure dropped so that he came home in a hurry on the second of the last month and has been receiving treatment.

In the end of this year, BYJ plans to close one year without any special schedule. He does not have any scheduled overseas promotion. Another staff at his agency BOF said, "He had a difficult year while writing the 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty'. He plans to spend a quiet year-end while taking care of body and mind."

Reported by Ahn Jinyoung,
Copyright (c) Hankook Daily

[Trans] BYJ's fans. held a party celebrating 15th anniversary of debut [Sports Hankook]

Source: Quilt by Joanne

Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

BYJ's fans. held a party celebrating 15th anniversary of debut M/h3>[Sports Hankook]11/1/09 22:16

In time for 15th anniversary of 'Hallyu star' BYJ, his fans held a party to celebrate it.

BYJ's fans neatly congratulated the 15th anniversary in PM on october 31, at BYJ-run Gorilla-in-the-Kitchen at Shinsa Dong, Kang Nam Ku Seoul. BYJ had debuted in drama 'Salut d'Amour' in 1994. On that day, fans volutarily prepared the occasion, instead of huge party. In consideration of fact that BYJ is yet recovering from sepsis that he contracted after writing photo essay'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty', fans held a simple meeting to congratulate on his acting activities that has been steady for 15 years.

Besides the 15th anniversary meeting, BYJ's fans hold a regular meeting once a month. Through this exchange, fans make the opportunity of from (talking) BYJ's current news to sharing strong sense of ties between star and fans. They also do diverse donation activities in the name of BYJ including Southeast Asian earthquake-sunami, and flood disaster, etc.

Reported by Lee Hyeonah,
Copyright (c) Sports Hankook

[Trans] Newsen dated 11/2/09

source: Quilt by Joanne

Poloris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's offcial home.
BYJ 'Han-Ah-Yeo', swarming critiques'rediscovery of our culture, preciousness of which we have not appreciated as they were so common

[Newsen]11/2/09 08:46
There are heated reactions from the readers of Hallyu star BYJ's travel essay 'Travel in search of Korea's Beauty-BYJ' (Han-Ah-Yeo' ).

Amid pouring in favorable critiques from readers who have read the book in review columns and blogs in bookstores at this time, after one month since the Han-Ah-Yeo' was published in the end of September, it gets attention because the contents of the book reviews are not simple praises but mainly detailed analyses of the book and praising reviews on the writer BYJ.

In particular, the readers express appreciation to writer BYJ, becuase they learned from the book Korea's culture and traditions in which they have not been interested yet. The reviews are that the effort of BYJ to learn and experience Korea's traditions for a long time is delivered through the book.

'He seems to have used his talent in really precious things. I would like to thank him who made me appreciate (him) as he let me learn naturally of our culture, which I did not know its preciousness yet as it was so common or I did not even attempt to learn in detail because they were old-fashioned.'

'I have read the book three times. As most of books do, the more I read, it comes clear to me what the writer wants to say, and why he wrote this book. Although the motive of writing the book was shameful feeling as he could not answer definitely to a question from a reporter. BYJ has been enjoying our diverse culture already.'-From book reviews in Kyobo Book Stores.

'All of the traditional Korean Houses that is told from the writer's experience feels like to systemically summarizing the feeling I had felt when I was small (May be that's why I long for traditional Korean Houses-I even think like this). Although the writer is writing that 'This book is not absolutely the book that represents Korea's culture, and I feel afraid that (culture) may rather be told incorrectly', while one reads several items that consist in themes, it is enough to feel what a long hours and much efforts the writer put in to tell beautiful traditions of Korea and not to make any mistake.'

'If people read the book, they will get to know that writer BYJ is a pretty much knowledgeable person. Itis apparent that he had read a lot of [books on our culture] to write this book. There contain many practical contents including origins of words and facts that we have not known. People will realize that he has tremendous pride of our culture.--From book reviews in Yes 24.

'This book, makes my heart fluttering more than I thought. This is not simply saying that'when I visited so and so places, something was very good', but I was able to realize there was something like this in our appearances, and I felt passion wanting to learn after seeing appearances of masters in this book. I would like to know and learn the most Korean thing first, and then broaden my views.'

'This is book good for any Korean to read at least once. I even feel respect to BYJ, who published book so earnestly to actually lose weight to inform Korean culture. I would like to give him hands having done his own (yon-sama's) ability like this. which politicians should have done. It was really a perfect book.'-From book reviews in Interpark.

On the other hand, the publishers said, "Regarding the Han-Ah-Yeo' , there swarms mails and telephone calls day after day, saying 'thank you for publishing a good book.'" The staff said, "'This is a good book all members of family can read together', there are also readers calling from airport saying 'I am glad that it will become a good present for foreign friends', and mails and telephone calls are in almost every day saying 'I am glad to find a good book before leaving for travel in Autumn,'"

Reported by Park Seyeon,

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[Scan / VOD] BYJ's Exclusive Interview with SkyPerfect - Today's Nikkansport 5.11.09

[스크랩] [VOD]2009.11.05 OMOIKKIRI PON / Sky Perfec TV 배용준님 인터뷰
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[VOD]Sky Perfect TV BYJ Interview on 11/5/09-Omoikkiri Pon

일본신문〕지금부터는 환경 문제에도 관심을 향하고 싶은~~ニッカン스포츠 배용준 님 독점 인터뷰
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[Trans]Story about the person who sent the Korean native chicken to BYJ in his book.

Bae Yong Joon’s book. Bae Yong Joon’s autographs

Original in Korean;
Translated into English: suehan

His aura which moves the hearts of women regardless of their
ages and nationalities!

My mother and I have been his fans for a very long time.

Before I got married,
My mother used to say that she wanted to have her future son in law
to be just like BYJ because she thought the talking itself could be a
seed of result. She sowed the seeds a lot.

Even though I didn’t marry BYJ, she has bragged that I was able to
meet my husband who is more handsome than BYJ and is associated
with BYJ because of her talking. Hahaha.

My mother in law told everybody that BYJ mentioned her in
his book even though there are a few lines. Hahaha.

Bae Yong Joon ssi, who is more beautiful than the beautiful people,
has published the book.

My mother in law appears in his book even though there are a few lines.

The story of the Korean native chicken which has been sent by his friend’s
mother who lives in Yangyang.

(Come to think about it, every woman in our family is his fans.)

Four books those he gave autographs

Three books, for my father and mother in law and Sehyeon
(who appears often in the blog), another one for Sehyeon’s
teacher, not Yeaseo, sob sob.
(suehan: I think Yeaseo is the blogger’s child.)

Next time, please give autographs for Yeaseo and her mother.


Can you please take Yeaseo who will be beautifully dressed up
when you go to see BYJ during the winter break?


Truly, I really want to be Yeaseo.

[New photos] exclusive interview with Sky Perfect TV

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BYJ will have an exclusive interview with Sky Perfect TV.
"I will be careful of my health and will not make my family worried again," he left a message in smile.

Also BYJ promoted Animation Winter Sonata saying, "heartrending feelings will warm your heart in this cold winter season."

[News Trans]“in the process of recovering completely from sepsis.. Exercising hard”

source: Quilt by suehan

BYJ’s company said, “in the process of recovering completely from sepsis.. Exercising hard”
2009-11-05 07:40

Moneytoday Star News Reporter Kim Gyeowool

It is known that BYJ is recovering from sepsis which he was diagnosed last September.

On the 5th of November, Star News had a phone conversation with an official of his management company and he said, “He is recovering from sepsis. It’s hard to say that he’s fully recovered, but he’s doing normal activities fairly.”

He added, “He takes care of his condition himself and excises earnestly.”, and he shared BYJ’s updates by saying, “He’s working hard for the recording of animation Winter Sonata.”

In the middle of September, he had treatments at the hospital when he collapsed due to the symptoms of the early stage of sepsis. After that, he returned to Korea because he’s condition worsened during the Japan visit on the 2nd of last month. It has been reported that his condition worsened due to overwork and he has been working hard to recover his health.

[Photo] BYJ - cyworld

[펌]용준님 싸인
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[News] Tourism Board to Prioritize 'Visit Korea' Campaign

By Do Je-hae
Staff Reporter

An ambitious state campaign to attract more than 10 million tourists to Korea will be the main focus of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) next year, KTO chief Lee Charm said, ahead of the campaign's official launching ceremony on Nov. 11 in Seoul.

``The underlining theme of all of our major projects will be the 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year' project,'' the KTO president said during a recent interview with The Korea Times. ``We will send promotional teams to Japan, China and Southeast Asia and will design hallyu events and festivals to disseminate our efforts.''

In an attempt to become a tourism superpower in Asia, Korea has launched a ``Visit Korea Year'' initiative once again. The last was held in 2001-2002 when Korea co-hosted the World Cup finals.

``Through a successful campaign, we hope that the nation's tourism revenue will reach over $10 billion and that Korea will enter the list of top 20 countries in a survey of tourism competitiveness,'' Lee said. Currently, it is ranked 31st in the 2009 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Japan has already shown a keen interest in the campaign. Ahead of the domestic launch, it recently promoted the Visit Korea 2010-2012 campaign at the Tokyo Dome with more than 40,000 participants.

The campaign, first announced last year, is promoted by goodwill ambassador Kim Yu-na, the 2009 world champion in ladies figure skating, and Korean actor and superstar
Bae Yong-joon.

To bring more professional expertise to the campaign, a special committee has been set up and Lee serves as its vice chairman. The committee is led by Lotte Group Vice Chairman Shin Dong-bin. The committee's main responsibility is to promote the merits of Korean tourism to visitors from outside the country, particularly the 2012 Yeosu Expo and the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Daegu.

=== omitted=====

To continue reading the article, please check out the following link:

[vod+photos] BYJ TV programs in November!

source: Skyperfect TV BYJ special and vod here / tomato99

BYJ's special long interview with Mr. Miyamoto(MC from Tokyo Dome event)
BYJ: I got well after meeting the family and was able to complete the event.

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[Article] Ms Lee Hyo Jae - Blending Culture Into Everyday Life

Blending Culture Into Everyday Life
source: koreatimes

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Traditional culture may start in museums and ancient palaces for some, but for Lee Hyo-jae, commonly known as Hyo-jae, it starts in the middle of the household.

``Tradition starts with `eui' (clothes), `sik' (food), `ju' (home). It is not something that can be defined by history books and statistics, but by living it,'' she told The Korea Times during an interview at her home in Seongbuk-dong, northern Seoul.

``It's something that can be appreciated in our everyday lives.''

Flipping through the culture section of newspapers, it is easy to find the 51-year-old on their pages. Most recently, she appeared at the press event for hallyu star's Bae Yong-joon's book last September.


Lee started her career early as a designer of Korean traditional costume, ``hanbok,'' thanks to her mother who ran a hanbok shop when she was young.

``Young people didn't want to do anything related to hanbok, even when I was young. We were all interested in the recent trends like jeans at the time,'' she said.

But as time went by, Lee was naturally drawn to the colorful and graceful clothing, along with the tradition and culture it brought to the makers and also the people who wear them.

This led her to become a ``sallimist,'' a word that roughly translates into a life stylist ― ``sallim'' literally means running a household.

``I see myself as a person from the Joseon Kingdom. I have always enjoyed making small and pretty things ― from cell phone charms to clothes and bags ― with traditional material like ropes and `bojagi' (Korean wrapping cloths) and I don't like change much.''

Lee does not have a television, nor does she use the Internet much. She only recently started using her cell phone, and this is one of the many things she is looking forward to stop.

``Every house wife in Korea does 'sallim.' The difference is that I tend to follow traditional ways and try to bring out our culture. It's nothing new, but just something many people find it hard to follow, or simply forget,'' Lee said.

This traditional sallim method of hers enabled her to write several books, including the recent ``Like Hyo-jae, with Your Hands,'' which offers her ideas in decorating, the Korean way.

``I have been living like this all my life, and it's interesting that people started to take interest in my work. The sallim people knew about was just the tip of the iceberg, and many people come to me asking `do you really live life that?' Of course, I do. Many housewives think doing sallim is grueling work, but for me, it's what I do for a living, literally,'' she said, smiling and taking a sip of warm tea.

Living the Tradition

The main priority for Lee these days is how to embrace tradition within our lives.

``Every culture is beautiful. The only true characteristic we Koreans have is that we are Asian with yellowy skin and that we use Korean. Other than that, we are living in a mix matched world of different cultures. It's impossible to demand the younger generation and the world to follow our tradition,'' she said.

Many Koreans have recognized the beauty of their tradition and have chosen to follow it by moving into hanok or wearing reformed hanbok. But for Lee, it was accepting the circumstances and making the best of it.

``Gyeongbok Palace is beautiful, but it is not used as it was in the past. It has become a relic. The guards rotating at the palace in traditional uniforms are carrying out a job, not tradition,'' Lee said.

Lee's efforts in blending Korean culture into the modern and busy lifestyles have attracted many, and her house has become a cultural spot for students and public figures visiting Korea.

``I noticed that foreigners are more interested in practical aspects in life and I agree this is important. Walking along the empty halls of ancient palaces can be educational, but experiencing the modernized version of traditional Korean life can also be effective,'' said the designer. She often holds bojagi classes for students to learn the versatile uses of the traditional cloth.

Walking around her house is a delightful surprise, with small windows decorated with ``hanji,'' Korean traditional paper for both style and as a blinder, while presents and utensils are wrapped with colorful bojagis.

``This house never met a Korean owner for the past 20 years. But look at it now. I have added traditional touches to it and changed the big, modern house into a Korean one. People need to realize that preserving tradition is not about escaping modernity, but bringing the two together harmoniously. You can live in a modern apartment and still live Korean.''

Future Plans

Lee has been busy with magazine shoots, interviews and also as goodwill ambassadors for various cultural events and festivals the past year. But the most important schedule on her list now is traveling around the world with her bojagi art.

``People love bojagi because of the color and versatility, and also because it is environment friendly,'' she said.

Lee already wowed more than 40,000 fans with her bojagi art performance during Bae's (known as yonsama by Japanese fans) event held at the Tokyo Dome, Japan, last September.

She is preparing for an exhibition with renowned Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake this month.

``I have worked with Volkswagen, cosmetics brand Clinique and famous cookware company Fissler, and now Issey Miyake! My dream is to travel around the world with my bojagi art,'' she said.

When asked if she didn't feel tired of showing everything through books and television shows, from her wardrobe, kitchen to even her bathroom, Lee smiled and shook her head.

``Actors show their talents through dramas and movies, but I show my whole household. I cannot talk about my work as a sallimist, hanbok designer and bojagi artist without talking about my own life and home. As I said, tradition and culture can be understood through all the aspects of living,'' she said.

While making cell phone charms with a colorful piece of thin rope, Lee added that we need to appreciate our everyday lives.

``I'm always satisfied. Some countries put meaning in people's everyday lifestyles, while some do on professions. Tradition and beauty should not be found only in museums and ancient palaces, but should be found within us in our lives,'' she said, quickly answering her phone. Her ringtone? The ``gugak,'' or Korean traditional music, version of the Beatles' ``Let it Be.''