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BYJ Updates on 23rd October

BYJ was having a photography session for Arnaldo Bassini Winter Catalog on Oct 23rd.
The photographing was from 10:30 am to abt 4:00pm.

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[JOB/DA] BYJ's participation to mentioned events

[JOB/DA] BYJ's participation to mentioned events

Digital Adventure's public relations has made a posting at JOB freeboard in response to a posting related to Hallyu Concert on 11 November in Seoul.

JOB / tomato99

title: BYJ's participation to the relevant event
name: DA PR
date: 2009/10/23 16:52:20


Greetings, dear family.

At the present moment, Bae Yong Joon's participation to "2010-2012 Visit Korea Year declaring commemoration, Hallyu Concert with Seoul" held at Seoul's Gwanghwamun Plaza on 11 November is not decided.

Please keep in mind that we will release a notice if his participation is decided.

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[Capture] Anisona Cafe Website Launched


[VOD] Anime WLS Epi 2 CM

source: flare's blog

[Capture] 2010 Lunar New Year Joon Bear - Reservation starts on Oct 29th


オレンジ, ブルー, グリーン,パープル4色の韓国のトゥルマギ着用した



販売価格(税込):7,350 円 (Price)
bofiポイント:73 ポイント

[News] Gosireh to launch Red Ginseng Products in Japan

source: translated by mariko (soompi)

It was announced on the 21st that exclusive sales contract in Japan was concluded for 5,000,000,000 won.

The product will be sold with the brand Gosireh.

Gorilla Lifeway Corp which is managing the restaurant gorilla where BYJ holds 95% shares, develops high quality goods, gosireh brand, that is being sold in Japan.

First shipment is within early December.

To find out more about gosireh products please visit this site.

source: innolife 2009/10/22

韓流スター{ペ・ヨンジュン}が、日本で紅参事業に進出する。上場企業「高製(コジェ)」は、21日「紅参製品の日本国内独占販売権を、ゴリラ・ライフウェイと締結した」と公示した。 契約金額は50億ウォンだ。




Red Ginseng (picture from wikipedia)

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[Info] Anime WLS OST Vol. 1 ~ To be released on Nov 25th

Source: / byjfamily

Source ... 56175357&sr=8-1


アニメ「冬のソナタ」オリジナル・サウンドトラック Vol.1
~ (アニメーション) (アーティスト), Ryu (アーティスト), イ・セジュン (アーティスト), カン・ヨファン (アーティスト), ユ・ヘジュン(音楽) (アーティスト)

価格 Price: ¥ 3,059

CD (2009/11/25)
ディスク枚数: 1
レーベル: エイベックス・エンタテインメント



1.最初から今まで(Instrumental 2009)
7.To My Dearest
8.サランハムニダ:初めて2(New Age Ver.)
10.Mystery Episodes

収録時間 Total time:48分

[Capture] The WLS Anime Cafe (Anisona Cafe) to be opened on Oct 24th

source: soompi by Mariko
Regarding the WLS Anime Cafe
The opening day on Oct 24 is finally announced.
The AniSona (short for Anime Fuyunosonata) Cafe
is located at the Roof Top of Matsusakaya Dept Store, Ginza Branch.

source: photo from wikipedia

BYJ Update on 20.10.09

source: byjgallery by style
translated to English by mariko (soompi)

싸이월드 글 발췌 :

10.19 10:38

어제 저녁에 연습장에 갔었는데,
제 뒷쪽 타석에 배.용.준.이 연습중이더랬죠.

프론트에서 직원분이 "이건 비밀인데.. 여기에 배용준씨 있습니다"라고
경호원들때문에 이목을 끌게 했던..


10.19 10:38

I went to golf practice range yesterday afternoon.
BYJ was practicing golf at the rear side of my practice box.

It’s supposed to be a secret but the front desk personnel said
“BYJ is here” to attract attention of the public.

[Info] DATV November Tokyo Dome Event programs will air “Special Editions”

source: DATV / tomato99

We will be airing special edition versions of Tokyo Dome Events on Sept. 29 and 30.

Animation “Winter Sonata” 9.29 in Tokyo Dome “Special Edition” will include report of preparation scenes on the event day and close-up videos.

Also, “Discovering the Beauty of Korea” 9.30 in Tokyo Dome Event had over extended its scheduled time, we had aired edited version in October, but we will be air “almost no-cut” version in three hours time period as the “Special Edition.”

[airing schedule]
Animation “Winter Sonata” -another story- 9.29 in Tokyo Dome “Special Edition”
Friday, 13 November 19:00 - 21:00 others

“Discovering the Beauty of Korea” 9.30 in Tokyo Dome “Special Edition”
Monday, 16 November 11:00- 14:00 others

[Notice] DATV - Request to the channel subscribers

source: DATV / tomato99

Please do not upload programs airing on DATV at video-sharing sites, or introduce url links of the uploaded videos on blogs or boards to let them viewed by general public, as it is infringement of copyright.

If you find any of the similar situations, please inform us by our inquiry form declaring the url address of the related site.

Sorry to trouble you, but we ask you for your cooperation.




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[Capture] BYJ Tokyo Dome Related Goods - Postcards & etc


[Info] Nikkansport BYJ 08-09 Japan Visit Special Edition

source: byjfamily

日刊スポーツがみたペヨンジュン08-09 (ムック)

価格: ¥ 1,500


「予約商品の価格保証」では、お客様が対象商品を予約注文した時点から発送手続きに入る時点、または発売日のいずれか早い時点までの期間中の の最低販売価格が、お支払いいただく金額となります。予約商品の価格保証について詳しくはヘルプページをご覧ください。 詳細はこちら (細則もこちらからご覧いただけます)


ヘ゜ヨンシ゛ュンの来日を記念して緊急出版。独占単独インタビューを敢行、日刊スポーツがみたペヨンジュンを特集する。 付録・来日記念特別縮刷版

ムック: 84ページ
出版社: 日刊スポーツ出版社 (2009/11/13)
言語 日本語
ISBN-10: 4817254645
ISBN-13: 978-4817254641
発売日: 2009/11/13

[vod] BYJ and CJW at Animation WS press conference

[vod]BYJ and CJW at Animation WS press conference
source: arirang / tomato99

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[VOD] MBC "Come To Play" - mentioned YJ

[news]Koh says he went clubbing with Bae Yong-joon

source: Asia Economic / tomato99
2009.10.21 02:16

Koh Young-wook, member of formerly hit group Roo'ra, said he has been to a club with top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon.

Koh made the remark on MBC's entertainment show "Let's Play" broadcast on Monday, saying that he went to a hip-hop club with Bae who was friends with Park Jin-young, founder and CEO of talenthouse JYP Entertainment.

"Park and I were also close so he used to come often to my club, but he once came with Bae and we all went to a hip-hop club," Koh explained, imitating Bae's dance moves.

Rapper Lee Ha-neul of group DJ DOC, who also appeared on the show, shared his experience with the actor, saying that he once played Starcraft with Bae. "I fired a nuclear bomb to his team," Lee taunted.

Member Gil of hip-hop group Leessang, however, said everyone is below him since he appeared in the movie "April Snow" which Bae starred in.

Jessica Kim

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[Vod]1019 배용준 놀러와
source: byjgallery by style

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic
source: translated by suehan

Hi, everyone;

Korean entertainers appeared on the MBC program, “Come and Play’ on the 19 th of October and shared their experiences with BYJ. Boonseongbae nim posted the clip on the café byjintoronto website and I reposted it below with a brief description. Please enjoy.

Ko, third from the left wearing glasses and a black t-shirt, said that he and Park Jin Young are close friends and that PJY visits his store often. One day, Park showed up with BYJ and they all went to the hip-hop club where PJY frequently attends. He saw BYJ dancing there and then mimicked how BYJ danced. He said that BYJ’s hair was long at that time making him move his hair to the back of his ears while he was dancing.

Lee, second from the right in the sailor clothing, said that he played an online game with BYJ in the PC room. He said that BYJ’s management company and his management company both went to the PC room to play Starcraft. Lee was able to attack BYJ’s virtual house.

(Shin, fourth from the left and right next to Ko, shared his experience with Park Yong Ha)

The first person from the right said that he appeared in BYJ’s movie, “April Snow”.

[Scan] 20.10.09 joseijishin / shukanjosei - 3.11.09 Issue

source: byjgallery by miemi / byjfan by kaorin

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