Saturday, October 17, 2009

[VOD] Anime WLS Episode 1 Part 1

[vod]ending song from Animation WInter Sonata
source: tomato99
finally, Animation WInter Sonata started airing from 17 October 2009, at DATV in Japan.

source: flare's blog

【VOD】datv10月オススメ番組~アニメ『冬のソナタ』 Preview
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[KEYEAST]KEYEAST (054780) decides to merge with subsidiary, BOF

source: tomato99

BOF, will continue on as the leading management company.
The new entity will not issue any new shares and keep the share ratio at 1:0.
Synergies between the companies are expected to maximize goal achievements.

Asian cultural content company KEYEAST (054780) merged with its subsidiary company, BOF, on October 15, 2009.

BOF is the leading entertainment company focusing on management and promotions of actors and artists in several projects representing top talents such as, Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Kang Hee, Park Ye Jin, Hong Suh Yeon, E Jiah and Bong Tae Gyu.
Recent projects over the past year have recorded over 180 billion won in net income for the management company.

* BOF Financial Status (Unit : 1 million won)
Assets Debt Net Assets Revenue Net Income
Based on audit report for 2008 11,957 10,382 1,575 17,988 122
Based on 1st half report for 2009 9,479 7,197 2,282 10,158 707

KEYEAST and BOF respectively, 3,545 won (par value 500 won) and 30,796 won (face value 10,000 won). The calculated merged share ratio has been rated at the price per share of 1:8.5722073.
KEYEAST retains 100% of shares of the merger without issuance of new shares at the ratio of 1:0.

KEYEAST President, Kim Ki Hong
“BOF’s management and KEYEAST’s dynamic culture/entertainment content business will power the new entity with a merging of its integrated management resources, more stable revenue and profitability, cross-sales network to maximize cooperation and create synergies.”
“The synergy of business and profit expansion is expected to lead to improved corporate value in enhancing the value for our shareholders.”

KEYEAST recently finished the successful merge with the Japanese company, Digital Adventure, in the first half of the year to secure a profit valuation of 95 billion won, published Bae Yong Joon’s photo-travel essay “Discovering the Beauty of Korea” and along with the Korea National Tourism Organization launched the OFFICIAL travel business of KeyToKorea with great interest and momentum.


Friday, October 16, 2009

[Capture] Anime WLS The Making DVD

[capture]애니메이션 겨울연가 메이킹 DVD
source: byjgallery by 권오경

[bofi] BYJ Travel Goods Collection 2009

source: bofi / tomato99

Tmoney card, jpy2,100

name tag, jpy3,150

passport cover, jpy2,625

travel pouch, jpy3,675

Thursday, October 15, 2009

[trans] BYJ Mgr’s Blog (50) BYJ’s condition

source: BYJ Mobile Official Site
BYJ Manager’s Blog

BYJ’s condition
9 October 2009
by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99

Annyong Hasaeyo, This is Yang Geun Hwan.

Looking at the line of trees changing its colors, I feel we are getting deeper into autumn.

While we prepared for “Animation Winter Sonata” event and “Beauty of Korea” publishing event in September, we felt so much love from family.

I really appreciate for all your concern for Bae Yong Joon’s health.

And, I sincerely apologize for making you anxious.

Bae Yong Joon was not getting over fatigue from writing the book, and he had attended big events without taking enough rest. It all went over his limits this time.

Currently, Bae Yong Joon is staying at home taking rest, he is gradually recovering.

He is doing his best to recover as soon as possible. I will do my best so that he will be able to meet everyone in good shape.

All your love is the best medicine for him. Again, I am grateful for your unchanging love and concern.

The season is changing to be chilly, please be careful of your health.

Kamsa Hamnida.

[Photos] Gosireh plum wine

source: tomato99

start of sales from 5 October 2009.

price: jpy 525 (tax incl.)
content: 320ml.

you purchase here or here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[Photo] Tokyo Baycourt Club Hotel - BYJ stayed there during the Sept events

source: byjfan by free / jung

[News] BYJ's TFS Domestic Contract Expired - No Renewal

더페이스샵 국내 모델계약 종료(10월15일)

From by free

배용준 국내 모델계약 종료(10월15일)에 따라 10월30일까지 매장의 배용준을 소재로 한

모든 소재의 철거를 요청드립니다.

위 내용을 숙지하시어 기한 내에 반드시 배용준 관련 모든 소재들이 철거될 수 있도록 F/UP바랍니다.

다시 한 번 유관부서들의 적극적인 협조를 부탁드리며, 특히 일본인 관광상권 매장에 대해서는

각별한 주의를 부탁드립니다.

*소재 철거 범위: 영상, 사진, POP, 판촉물, 매장연출물

(홈페이지 내 기록 영상물, 제작물 제외)

*소재 철거 일자 : 2009년 10월 30일까지

국내 종료? 해외는?

[Scan] KEJ Vol.11 - Extra Issue

〔SCAN〕Korea Entertainment Journal 별책 vol. 11, 한류 재발견, 韓流再発見
source: byjgallery by arayo

[VOD] SkyPerfect BYJ Festival Promotion CM

スカパーペ・ヨンジュンCMメイキング紙芝居編 アニメ冬のソナタ アニメ冬のソナタ9.29 IN東京ドーム 韓国の美 9.30 IN東京ドーム 映画『四月の雪 』ディレクターズカット版

source: flare's blog

[Photo] Nintendo DS - BYJ's Hangul Teaching

source: fuyuka's blog

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[Trans] Anime WLS - Prelude

source: original in chinese by fay_cheng at Baidu.
translated by Joyce Lee to English

WLS – Prelude
Joon Sang : I shouldn’t have met you, my existence only brings you harm.

Airport attendant : (handling over passport) Please keep it safe.

Sang Hyuk : It’s there
Sang Hyuk : I’m sorry, please excuse me.

(Big screen showing flight timing)
“21:00 New York JFK Airport”

(Air Traffic Controller Counter)
Attendant : The flight has departed.

Joon Sang : Yu Jin, I’m sorry, good bye …

Caption : WLS Anime
(omitted the lyrics of song)

(Unknown street in New York during Autumn)

Joon Sang : Been in New York for half a year, when the fallen leaves fully cover the floor, cold winter is finally here.
(Handphone ringing)
Caption : Mother
Joon Sang : Yes, Mom, I’m strolling, not to worry, I am going back now

(Arc de Triomphe in France)
Yu Jin is deep in memory.
Caption : Destination : New York, Zheng Yu Jin

Little girl : You see, I almost fell down
Little girl : Thank you
(Joon Sang picks up the book)
Caption : (Title of the book : Country of shadow)
Father of the little girl : Come on here.

(Joon Sang’s eye sight getting blur)
Joon Sang : Is it finally here? From now on, how long more when my eyes can still see? Will I become one of them who lives in the Country of Shadow?

(Memory : In hospital)
Doctor : I am sorry, from now on, you will lose your sight.

Joon Sang : If this is my destiny, I will not avoid, for whenever I close my eyes, I see your smile.

(River Seine, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe in France)

Inside a café
Yu Jin writes in the letter :
Joon Sang, we have not met for a long time. Today I have a date with friends in this café, aroma coffee and sweet macaroon, this shop is very famous.
How are you doing lately? Any changes? Have you taken proper meals? Is it unbearable always being on your own? Are you feeling lonely? Stuff I wish to ask you is as high like a mountain, I can’t help but keep worrying about you.
Today, I am thinking of you. Do you remember our promise? The two of us, shall remember all those good times we spent together, till death and never to be forgotten. No matter how trivial things were, I won’t want to forget, thus I keep thinking of those little things, etched deep into my heart. Those memories are mine.
You ever said, you wish me happiness. Then, now that I am writing to you, every moment when I think of you, this is the happiest time of my day. Can you forgive me? Even though you can’t receive these letters, but talking to you in this way, can clam me down, me in this way, you must forgive me.
Well, see you tomorrow.

(New York, at Joon Sang’s home, Joon Sang is in deep thoughts)

(Arc de Triomphe in the rain)
Yu Jin : Joon Sang, are you watching the sky? You must become my Polaris, you promised me before.

(Early morning, at Joon Sang’s home)
Joon Sang (talking alone) : It’s a new day. Every night, I am searching for Polaris in the sky, you can see it, right? Not sure when is the time even little happiness like this will be taken away from my hand. No matter how time passes, how things evolve, I will never forget, even I am lost in the dark, your Polaris will remain in the same place.

(Early morning, at Yu Jin’s hostel)
Yu Jin : First snow? It’s the first snow …

[Update] BYJ did Anime WLS recording on 12th Oct afternoon

韓国公式・カウルヨジャさまご紹介m(_ _ )m

今日 (10月 12日)のヨンジュンさまは.. suehan さま


source: posoku's blog / baeto by suehan

[News] DATV ~ KeyEast Subsidiary in Japan

<생생코스닥>키이스트, 해외사업 탄력…日자회사, 본사 매출 7배
source: / google finance

Shigehiko Yajima
President, Representative Director

Seong Wung, Bae
Vice President, Chief Director of Human Resources, Representative Director

[Capture] Key2Korea Website Launched

source: soompi by mariko /

This is an update from KOB. Source: Daily Economy Star Today

The first tour package (South Korean Culture Camp-Seoul, mariko: official tour to the places mentioned in the Beauty of Korea book) was sold out after 17 hours when reservations began at 19:00 on October 6 generating total sales of about 300 million won for asia culture contents company key yeast ( through an official announcement by the company on the 9th. Total of 8 tour packages until December were sold out.

Key2Korea is the official travel representative of the 2010-2012 Year to Visit Korea the Tourism campaign program of KTO.

Visit Korea Committee jointly with KEAYEAST Co. launched an upscale Korea tour program that includes visits to scenic places across the country. The program is unveil via

source: byjgallery by pola


[Scan] 13.10.09 shukanjosei / joseijishin - Issue 27.10.09

source: byjgallery by miemi