Saturday, September 19, 2009

[News] BYJ Press Con at 2pm at National Museum on 22nd Sept.

<금주의 메모>(9월21일∼26일)

▷배용준 '한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행 - 배용준' 출판기념회

(14:00 국립중앙박물관 대강당)

(National Musium of Korea : Main Auditorium)

BYJ's Press Conference will be held at 2pm (Korean Time) at the National Museum on 22nd Sept 2009.

source: yonhap news

[VOD]-2009.09.15 Mezamashi SATURDAY- BYJ Nintendo DS

[VOD]배용준-2009.09.15 Mezamashi SATURDAY-"배용준과 배우는 한국어DS"오늘 발매!
source: byjgallery by makishi

[Captures] The Making of Anime WLS

source: byjfan kaorin / fuyuka's blog

Friday, September 18, 2009

[JOB notice] Request to family regarding BYJ’s Japan visit

title: Request to family regarding BYJ’s Japan visit
name: Digital Adventure
date: 2009/09/18 10:35:00
source: Quilt by tomato99


Greetings, dear family

Bae Yong Joon will soon be making his official visit to Japan.
In accordance with his Japan visit, we have a request to the family.

Please note that due to security reasons, we will not be able to notify BYJ’s schedule in Japan other than official events.

Also regarding entry into Japan, to avoid any trouble at public facility and inconvenience to general customers,
we are receiving strong request from concerned authorities and airport related parties, we ask you not to greet him at the airport.

We appreciate your understanding, and we ask you for your continuing support.

[Scan] Anime WLS Official Book

〔사진〕 애니메이션 겨울연가 방송 기념 오피셜 BOOK
From by kaorin

〔사진〕 애니메이션 겨울연가 방송 기념 오피셜 BOOK
From by kaorin


source: fuyuka's blog

Source BYJ Gallery~ by maron


[Kyodo News] Actor Bae does voice-over for 'anime' of smash hit drama

◆Actor Bae does voice-over for 'anime' of smash hit drama


South Korean actor Bae Yong Joon called on his fans in Japan to watch an ''anime'' series of his signature drama ''Winter Sonata,'' for which he provided a voice-over, prior to the release of the series in Japan next month.
''The plot is different from the original drama and that gives the anime series a new kind of charm,'' Bae said in a press release earlier this month.
Bae recalled the difficulties of doing a voice-over for the main character, based on his role in the original series. ''It was harder than I imagined as I had to express my feelings using only my voice,'' he said.
Actress Choi Ji Woo, Bae's co-star in the drama, also did a voice-over for the anime series, which has 26 parts including episodes that were never depicted in the TV drama, such as what happened to the couple -- Kang Joon Sang and Jung Yu Jin -- after they parted.
While the conclusion of the anime version has yet to be finalized, Bae said, ''I'm very interested, like many people, in what kind of climax will come.''

Thursday, September 17, 2009

[Scan] The BYJ Photo pamphlet - The Beauty Of Korea

[Scan] The Photo Booklet that the Japanese family received together with the events tickets
source: byjgallery by maron / fuyuka

[Photo] The Making of "WLS Anime" DVD has arrived ~

source: fuyuka's blog

source: posoku's blog
メイキング・オブ「アニメ 冬のソナタ」DVD届きました︿︿

携帯からなので、画像が悪くてごめんなさいm(_ _ )m