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[Trans]The content written by BYJ from "Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea"

The content written by BYJ from "Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea"

As Gaulsan nim introduced below, the bookstores in Korea started to take reservations for YJ’s book. I translated an extraction of the text, which is posted on the bookstores' websites, that BYJ wrote himself in English.


Original in Korean: Bae Yong Joon
Translated into Korean: suehan

Even though I believe in a different religion, I’ve always been wondering about how the temples of Korea could have produced so many cultural properties and maintained the communities for such a long period of time. Actually, I’ve been thinking to exclude the Buddhistic color from the Korean culture and to discuss the remainder except the core are same.

There is a word called humanity. Even though there is someone who is very smart and reasonable, but doesn’t have enough humanism to care for others, our society judges him as being short of humanism. Sometimes, there are cases that this humanism ruins the Korean society, but I think that is misunderstanding from the wrong use of that humanism. Everyone has their own wishes. I think the humanists are such as, if you and I, both want to have it, then admit it equally like “let’s give it to others.”, and give it with open-mind, but without hesitation. That humanism penetrates our basics what we need to survive, and I think that is the one of characteristics of our culture.

In my case, I would like to have a tea with friends, even one. I 'd rather drink tea alone without lots of efforts and devotion, but if there is even one person next to me, then I would like to deliver the taste and scent of tea with more devotion to that person. I think that “we can contemplate when we drink alone, we can communicate each other when two people drink together, we can develop the sympathy when three people drink together, and we can work toward harmony when four people drink together.”

The culture isn’t difficult and boring. If so, it couldn’t appear as the materials in the countless dramas and movies. I might chat for hours with someone who is interested in the culture of The Silk Road that has lots of hidden stories which connect Asia and Europe, or Gahya which had an Iron Age differentiating itself from the culture of the era of the Three States.

No matter how difficult and troublesome they are, the usual worries and concerns have disappeared like smoke when we sit and face each other at the dining table with fresh foods. It gave us the power to overcome. When someone expressed his anger with his body covering with blanket, we said, “Eat first and go back to sleep.” It is the inner loves of mother saying not skip a meal. I remember that this is the mysterious power of a dining table.

I would like to build a traditional Korean house on a high-rise building in New York. Someone questioned saying, “Is it possible?”, but I think that it isn’t impossible.
How nice to have our house, a breathing traditional ‘Korean House’ nicely in New York where it is packed with a skyscraper that has r isen only upward, which is against the providence of nature! Recently, the rooftops of the high-rise buildings have changed to the gardens in the air are increased. Just like those, if one traditional Korean house is built on the rooftop of the building, then an accent will be showing in the desolated skyline of city.

- Extracted from the text

Market Release Information - "The Beauty of Korea"

source: Quilt by gaulsan

Market Release Information

"The Beauty of Korea"(title subject to change) that BYJ has worked for over a year will be published on 23 Sep.

You can make reservation at internet bookstores from 12 Sep.
For those who make reservation before 22 Sep, a pocket notebook with the logo of 'the Beauty' will be sent together.

The list of internet bookstores are :
Yes24 :
Aladdin :
Libro :


The book has 432 pages, filled with YJ's photos and essays over 13 themes, informations of the travel rout, etc.
I was surprised with the price - it's only 16200 won!
(18000won is the original price, and 10 % off when you buy from the internet.)
I've searched these websites and found out that Kyobobook is the most convenient for foreigners. Below is the direction to order "the Beauty of Korea'.

* Go here

* click '바로구매하기(order now)'.

* Click '예(yes)' to the pop up window, and click in the three small boxes.

* Then scroll down a little.

* Fill in the information in category 01
주문 고객 0l름 = your name
연락처 = phone number
0l메일 = email address
주문 비밀번호 = password to your order information.
It is needed for you to monitor the order status.

* category 02
click '해외배송(send abroad)' at the first line.
choose your country and fill in the information.
(US, Canada, China, and Japan are in the top of the list. Other countries are listed in alphabetical order.)
The red letters say that 'Phone 2(mobile)' information is essential.

* category 03
select '신용카드(credit card)' at the second line.
Now lets choose the card in the box below the price.

In the box next to [카드 유형], click '해외카드(foreign card)'.
In the box [카드구분], click '해외발행카드(card issued outside Korea)'.
Fill in the card number and expire date. (월=month, 년=year)

After you fill in all the information, click '결제하기(pay)' at the bottom of that page.

I cannot go further because I don't have a card issued outside Korea.
If something pops up, it usually means that some information is missing.
If it still doesn't work, write me what happened.
If you succeed, please write us what happened in the next step.


ps. Reading the lines he wrote..... sigh..... he is a REAL ambassador of Korean culture, and he is writing like a philosopher or a scholar, and yet he is so humble!
I thought, 'oh uh! I should study hard to catch up this man!'
No wonder it would take long to translate his book!

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[VOD] OMOIKKIRI DON 2009.9.11 - BYJ's Journey For His Book

source: maron


source: KyaputenQ HP

source: byjgallery by maron

source: fuyuka's blog

[ Trans] BYJ, "No Flu can stand on my stage.

Title: BYJ, "No Flu can stand on my stage."

Source :
Reporter: Hur Min Nyung
trans K to E : gaulsan (Quilt)

BYJ hires a flu-prevention team for Tokyo event.

What can we do for the 90 thousand people crowded in Tokyo Dome?

BYJ, who is preparing two huge events in Japan declared a war against the influenza pandemic. The organizing team made a contract with a flu-prevention team, and is discussing about signing a liability insurance for the fans.

The events are for the launch of 'WLS animation' and his book 'The Beauty of Korea'. The audience of both events are estimated to be at least 90 thousand. However, with the recent influenza pandemic and the news that idol Kim Hyun Joong has caught flu, there are raising concern about the safety of such large events.

The organizers seem to be preparing for that. "We hired a flu-prevention team that will work under the control of the Japanese authorities," said a staff, "and we will carefully organize both events under strict control of this team."

The organizing team is considering of installing thermal imagers at all gates. A staff said, "it is not recommended by the government, but to prevent infection, we are trying to ensure safety even if it costs extra charge."

The organizing team is considering of signing a liability insurance for the fans who might get infected after attending the event. The staff said, "our goal is 100% prevention, but we are also preparing for any possibility. This shows how considerate BYJ is of his audiences."

About the events, Choi Ji Woo is also appearing at the event of WLS animation, and the book of BYJ will be published both in Korea and Japan.

[Capture] BOFi Website TOP - BYJ New Photo

[Capture]bofi goods TOP「한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행・韓国の美をたどる旅」 [Capture]bofi goods TOP「한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행・韓国の美をたどる旅」
source: byjgallery by vento

[INFO / Photo] Gosireh Hwa Autumn 2009 menu

[Gosireh Hwa] Autumn 2009 menu
source: tomato99

source: Gosireh HP, Sunshine Sakae HP

Gosireh Hwa brings you new menu for Autumn 2009 starting from Thursday 10 September, 2009.

We will be preparing season's menu with in-season ingredients.

Bulgogi with mushrooms

roasted outside steak with mushrooms

salt roasted big eringi mushrooms

hot crab jjigae

seafood salad

bibimbap with 5 mushrooms

bite-size sam-bap

tofu sandwich with vegetables

sauted seafood with cheese

[Trans] BYJ faces a tough question from the Maestro of Ceramic Art

Bae Yong-joon's photo essay contents revealed
Lynn Kim 기자

기사입력2009.09.10 17:28최종수정2009.09.10 17:28 00

Actor and photo essay author Bae Yong-joon [BOF Korea]

The contents of a photo essay authored by Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon have been revealed through the actor's agency in a press release.

The actor had announced two weeks ago that he will release a photo essay, tentatively titled "Journey in Search of Beauty of Korea - Bae Yong-joon", containing some 200 photos the actor took during his trips around Korea.

The content of book includes 11 cultural artisans that Bae met, including master potter Cheon Han-bong and Hanbok designer Lee Hyo-jae, along with introductions to Korean traditional food and cultural content, such as the kimchi, hanbok, King Sejong the Great and the National Museum of Korea.

The book also introduces culturally-rich travel locations that might help foreign travellers to see the true beauty of the country, explained the agency.

Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon [BOF Korea]

The actor himself wrote in the preface that the book is "a record of a journey by a beginner who studies Korean culture" and that he "hopes [the book] will be a small present to people who love and want to know Korea."

In Japan, over 650,000 dollars worth of the book has already been sold ahead of its release on September 30. On the same day, a promotional event will be held at the Tokyo Dome with 50,000 fans expected to attend.

The Korean version of the photo essay will be out September 23.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
Editor : Jessica Kim
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


BYJ faces a tough question from the Maestro of Ceramic Art

Article from : Asia Economy News 2009.9.10
Reporter: Moon Yong Sung
Translated into English; gaulsan

“Choose the best one among these 48 tea bowls"

In his photo-essay, BYJ introduced an episode that he has experienced while he was learning ceramic art from maestro Cheon Han Bong.

Maestro Cheon Han Bong is a ceramic artist who is designated as a Human Cultural Property, and it is inevitable that his work became one of the major theme of BYJ's photo-essay. The maestro that BYJ met in Moongyung, Kyungsang province was a short-statured, diligent, and generous man.

For several days, Maestro Cheon showed BYJ the process of ceramic art - finding clay, processing the clay, spinning, trimming, firing, and so on.
After showing the entire process, the maestro gave YJ his last mission to choose the best ceramic piece.

Even though the maestro was a gentle person, he was the master to BYJ, and it was not easy to find the correct answer. [This article doesn't tell us whether YJ chose the right one or not. - gaulsan]

After visiting maestro Cheon, BYJ started to make ceramic pieces at home. YJ wrote frankly, "maestro breaks the finished pieces when maestro doesn't like the outcome, but I cannot do like that. I cannot break the peaces that have gone through all the elaborate processes. They are like my offspring."

He showed his respect as "so much time and effort are needed to become a master, and it is so difficult for even a master to create the 'Real One' ".

Maestro Cheon Han Bong was born in 1933, and he is a professor of ceramic art at Moonkyung University, and is designated as a Human Cultural Property.
He started to learn ceramic art when he was 14 years old. He is famous both in Korea and abroad, and had more than 150 times of exhibitions in Japan.

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[Captures] Japanese Ver Hotelier DVD

日本版ホテリア DVD キャプチャー
posted by suehanさん(Thanks !!!!!)
source: / byjstudio

[Photo] BYJ at Gorilla after Manager Yang's wedding

고릴라 사진 1매 (게시물4925 참조) [yuri님]

From by free

몇 초만 촬영한 동영상에, 용준님 비치고 있었습니다!

이것이 용준님이라고 아시다면, 당신은 진짜의 용준님 가족입니다!

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[Trans] KEYEAST (054780), Signs deal worth ₩ 800,000,000 in...

[KEYEAST]KEYEAST (054780), Signs deal worth ₩ 800,000,000 in...
source: tomato99 (thanks)


KEYEAST (054780), Signs deal worth ₩ 800,000,000 in advance book sales
- Bae Yong Joon's photography travel essay, “Discovering the Beauty of Korea”
- Secured a minimum guarantee of ¥60 million, for sales in Japan to begin in late September.
- A commemorative domestic event in mid-September with another grand event to be held in Japan at the end of the month are drawing strong interest for pre-sales of the book’s publication.
- Bae Yong Joon’s photo-travel publication along with a Korean cultural project to launch at the end of September.

KEYEAST (054780, CEO: Kim Ki Hong), an Asian culture content company, signed a contract worth (KW) 8 billion with a Japanese publishing company.

Bae Yong Joon’s photography travel essay, “Discovering the Beauty of Korea”, will begin publication in late-September. KEYEAST signed a contract with a minimum guarantee of ¥60,750,000 for sales in Japan. Book quantity and other minimum guarantees to be determined separately in the future.

The site for Bae Yong Joon’s book has already been flooded with inquiries and strong public interest in Japan. KEYEAST, in commemoration of the book’s publication, will host a large press conference in Korea in mid-September and host an unprecedented event at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo,Japan in late-September, expecting over 50,000 people to attend.

KEYEAST’s CEO, Kim Ki Hong said, “Traditional artists and cultural contents discovered in Bae Yong Joon’s book will be accompanied by a unique culture and travel site, ‘Key to Korea’, to coincide with the book’s publication in September. “We are greatly looking forward to the many businesses that will spawn through the development of great content: books, travel packages, and merchandise while introducing Korean culture to the rest of Asia and the world,” he said.

KEYEAST’s successful merger with the Japanese content company, DA, earlier this year has successfully lead to a (KW)95billion income valuation for the first-half of the year.


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Update information on Tokyo Dome Events (2009/9/4)

source: translated by tomato99 / 9.29 AnimeWS event HP

notice on change of cast

Please note Mr. Ryu Seung Soo will not be able to join the event due to schedule problems.
We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it.

Also, Lee Yon Yu (acting as Heejin) will be joining the event.

Please look forward for the event!

source: 9/30 Ha Na Yo event HP

gifts for first edition holders!

Purchase first edition of "Trip Following the Beauty of Korea," and come to Tokyo Dome event, you may win BYJ's autographed book by lot.

We are preparing many other gifts for the people who will not be able to attend Tokyo Dome event.

Please check out the details on first edition!

notice on performers

Please note Mr. Jun Yong Bok (lacquer artist), Ms.Lee Hyojae (hanbok designer), and Ms. Kang Eun-il (haegeum(Korean traditional musical instrument)player) will be joining the event.

Please look forward for the event!

[Info] relocation of Digital Adventure head office / Roppongi

[DA] relocation of head office / Roppongi
source: tomato99

information released from Digital Adventure

moving date: Monday, 31 August 2009 (start of business)

new address: 5th floor Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Dori Building
7-18-8 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo

telephone: 03-5772-7291 (no changes from current number)

2 minutes walk from exit 2, Tokyo Metro Hibiya-line "Roppongi station"
7 minutes walk from exit 7, Toei Oedo-line "Roppongi station"

[Scan] 8.9.09 shukanjosei / joseijishin - 22.9.09

[Photo] Tokyo Dome Event Tickets

[Photo]도쿄돔 이벤트 티켓이 도착했습니다. Tokyo Dome Event Ticket

From by style

오늘 아침에 도쿄돔 이벤트 티켓 (29일,30일)이 도착했습니다.

애니메 겨울연가와 한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행 - 도쿄돔에서의 용준님과 세계BYJ가족들과의 재회 기대됩니다.

사진및 보정 - 스타일(Photos&Modified by Style) : 2009.09.07

[News] BYJ Mail Magazine 28.8.2009 Issue

[trans]BYJ Mail Magazine - 28 August 2009 (BYJ birthday special)

BYJ Mail Magazine August 2009, Bae Yong Joon Birthday Special Issue
(issue date 28 August 2009)

source: tomato byj

★participating in this year’s “24 hours charity TV”
BYJ’s message together with his latest information will be shown in the program.

★BYJ’s two big events, finally coming next month!

★Animation Winter Sonata and Bae Yong Joon Exhibition
this event will display BYJ’s favorite items, treasured photos and materials from Animation “Winter Sonata”
go through snow tunnel from the entrance, there is another Winter Sonata waiting for you.
At Animation “Winter Sonata” section, exhibition of art director Hiroshi Ohno’s background images, character setting images, storyboard and dubbing scripts. Also, recreation of “production studio” and “confession at the fireplace scene.”
At BYJ section, costumes from drama and special exhibit of his private owned camera and photos.
Singers Kang Yo Hwan and Yoonji and actress Lee Se Na will be joining for daily talk session and mini live shows at special stage.
Video limited for the event, including dubbing scenes will be shown.

★2010 BYJ official diary

★BYJ 2010 Calendar, TWSSG 2010 Calendar

★BYJ’s “Trip Following the Beauty of Korea”

★Animation “Winter Sonata” on air!

★DATOUR for Tokyo Dome Events in September!

★New Gosireh Kimchi

[Shim Shim Diary Friday, 28 August]
Hot season is over soon. How are you all doing?

Last week, I visited Korea for the first time in a month to attend Mr. Yang’s wedding ceremony, I met Bae Yong Joon.
It may be because he was trying to introduce beauty of Korea as much as possible, he had gone to every place for interviews, he was getting pretty thin but his mind and body looked very well.

I felt his love for family… when we were heading to Mr. Yang’s wedding by car, he talked all the way, how he is looking forward to September event and that he wishes to meet everyone soon.

He seemed to be looking forward to introduce Korea. I am starting to read the draft copy bit by bit. It is coming out to be a book with new understandings and very informative.
Please look forward to BYJ’s “Trip Following the Beauty of Korea” which will be delivered to you soon.

Please take care and stay well and have happy days till the September events!

【staff diary】
Finally next month, BYJ is visiting Japan.
To have joyous time with everyone, Bae Yong Joon and all staff are coming up with ideas every day and our spirits are climbing high.
We are doing our best to make the event unforgettable wonderful memory for all the family and BYJ.
All the staffs are looking forward to meeting you at the event.

BYJ通信2009年8月 ペ・ヨンジュン誕生日スペシャル号(2009年8月28日発行)




 放送日時(予定) : 2008年8月29日(日)21:20~21:35
 放送局 : 日本テレビ(関東ローカル)
 * 一部地域によって放送日時が変更となる可能性がございます。


 ● 受付日時 : 8月31日(月)10:00~
 ● お申し込み方法 :
   ローソンチケット : 0570-084-011(特電・Lコード不要)
   ローチケ.com :

【スカパー!HD presents アニメ「冬のソナタ」~もうひとつの物語~】
日時 : 2009年9月29日(火) 16:00開場、18:00開演
出演(予定) : ペ・ヨンジュン、チェ・ジウ、リュ・スンス、カン・ヨファン、イ・セナ他
会場 : 東京ドーム(東京・水道橋)
主催 : 株式会社デジタルアドベンチャー、アニメ「冬のソナタ」製作委員会
イベント事務局 : 0570-064-754(平日10:00~18:00)
チケット料金 : 8,925円(税込)

【2010-2012 韓国訪問の年 記念 「韓国の美をたどる旅」出版イベント presented by 日刊スポーツ】
日時 : 2009年9月30日(水) 14:00開場、16:00開演
出演 : ペ・ヨンジュン他
会場 : 東京ドーム(東京・水道橋)
主催 : 株式会社デジタルアドベンチャー
イベント事務局 : 0570-064-754(平日10:00~18:00)
チケット料金 : 8,925円(税込)




会期 : 2009年9月28日(月)~10月1日(木) 四日間
会場 : 池袋サンシャインシティ 文化会館2F 展示ホールD
入場料 : 一般1,200円(1,000円)、大学・高校生1000円(800円)、中学生以下無料
      ( )内は前売料金、入場料は消費税込み料金、
主催 : アニメ「冬のソナタ」とペ・ヨンジュン展 実行委員会
企画 : 株式会社デジタルアドベンチャー
制作 : 東映株式会社、トータルプロモーション株式会社
イベント特設サイト :



  トータルプロモーション株式会社 TEL : 03-3423-6655
●東映株式会社  TEL : 03-3535-7693



■ 販売価格 : 2,625円(税込)
■ ご予約期間 : 2009年8月20日(木)正午12:00~2009年9月30日(水)正午12:00まで
■ 発売日 : 2009年12月上旬頃予定



<商品名及び 販売価格>

ペ・ヨンジュン2010年カレンダー《壁掛け用》  2,625円(税込)

ペ・ヨンジュン2010年カレンダー《卓上用》  1,890円(税込)

太王四神記2010年カレンダー《卓上用》  2,625円(税込)

アニメ「冬のソナタ」カレンダー《卓上用》 2,625円(税込)

■ 予約販売開始日 : 2009年8月27日(木)~
■ お届け予定日 : 2009年9月下旬頃予定






10月17日(土)午後0:00~ (以後リピート放送あり)
DATV (スカパー!:Ch.750)※標準画質
スカチャンHD190 (スカパー!HD:Ch.190)※ハイビジョン
スカチャンHD800 (スカパー!e2:Ch.800)※ハイビジョン

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