Saturday, September 05, 2009

[Capture] BYJ 2010 Official Calendars

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[VOD] BYJ Arnaldo Bassini Fall Ad - New Footage

from KYF /byjfamily by SNOW

Friday, September 04, 2009

[Capture] Arnaldo Bassini HP - ZIEN ART PLACE Event

[이벤트]배용준 아날드바시니-지앤 아트 스페이스 와 함께하는 도예체험 이벤트
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

[VOD] Japanese Entertainment News on BYJ & WLS

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[VOD]배용준-2009.09.02 Shiru-Shiru-Mishiru처음으로 극장SP "겨울연가 "
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[Photo] Full Page Ad on Nikkansport

〔일본신문〕「한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행」전면 광고

From by kaorin

[VOD] 9/1 Arnaldo Bassini New TV CF - 'Fall'

[VOD]"배용준 가을편"- 아날도바시니 새로운 TV_CF

From by 권오경

[VOD]9/1 Arnaldo Bassini New TV CF - 'Fall' (Youtube version)
Posted by Suh Sulhee on's byjintoronto Cafe.
source: Quilt by Joanne

[Capture] Launching of WLS nintendo DS Homepage

[겨울연가 DS 공식 사이트 오픈]

From by style

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

[Capture] TFS Japan Sept Promotion

Source / byjfamily

[Vod&Photo]9/1 DATV H.P. October is BYJ's Special

[Vod&Photo]9/1 DATV H.P.리뉴얼과 10월 배용준 스페셜 라인 업!

source - tomato99 : BYJ Gallery (thanks!) / style

DATV H.P. 리뉴얼 (renewal of DATV homepage)

source: DATV

10월은 배용준 스페셜!! October is BYJ's special!!

DATV October line up/from tomato99byj

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

[Scan] 1.9.09 shukanjosei / joseijishin - 15.9.09 Issue

source: byjgallery by miemi

[New Photos] Keyeast made an official announcement

Keyeast made an official announcement on the 31st of August
that it made a contract with Digital Adventure in Japan for the sale
of BYJ’s book, “Traveling to discover the beauty of Korea, for the
deposit amount of 8 hundred million Won (60,750,000¥).

source: Quilt by suehan / news sources

[Capture / VOD] BYJ 24hour TV MESSAGE

[스크랩] [VOD]2009.08.31 OMOIKKIRI DON / 24h-TV Charity auction|
source: byjgallery by komomo

[VOD]배용준-2009.08.29NTV 24시간 TV 용준님 메시지^^
source: byjgallery by makishi

Sunday, August 30, 2009

[Scan] 2009.08.29.Arnaldo Bassini Fall Season Catalogue - ONE FINE AUTUMN DAY - 1 & 2

[SCAN]배용준 아날도바시니 ONE FINE AUTUMN DAY 가을시즌 새 지면 카탈로그 스캔 - 1(수정,추가)add|

명동 아날도 바시니 매장에 막 도착한,새 가을시즌 지면 카탈로그 - ONE FINE AUTUMN DAY입니다.
테마별로 컨셉을 잡아 가을날의 감성이 느껴지는,분위기있는 자연스럽고 멋진 사진들입니다.

스캔및 보정 - 스타일(Scanned&Modified bystyle) : 2009.08.29.Arnaldo Bassini Fall Season Catalogue - ONE FINE AUTUMN DAY - 1 &2