Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Photo] BYJ at Manager Yang's Wedding 2

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[Trans] After a long absence BYJ finally made an appearance and he has shed 10 kg

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date : 2009.08.22 11:03
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After a long absence BYJ finally made an appearance and he has shed 10 kg

BYJ has made an appearance in public after a long absence. There were over 500 Japanese fans present. On the 21st of August, BYJ turned up at Seoul Lotte Hotel in Sogong-Dong to attend BOF board director Yang Geun Hwan’s wedding ceremony. Mr Yang has been BYJ’s manager for the past 10 years.

BYJ was in a black suit, dark sunglasses with his hair tied back. When he saw the Japanese female fans that rushed to the hotel a few hours beforehand just for a glimpse of him, he waved warmly to greet them as he was walking to the venue.

BYJ appears to be a lot slimmer. He jokingly said to the camera: “I’ve shed 10kg and my clothes no longer fit. Do I look older? Do I look fine, not too bad?”

From last year BYJ has been busy working on his book to promote Korea to oversea fans. He has been on a journey around the country. He stated: “There was a lot to consider during the preparation process and I lost weight without really noticing. The work was hard ". The publication for “The Beauty of Korea (provisional)” will be next month in Korea and Japan.

Friday, August 21, 2009

[Photo] Manager Yang's Wedding Live Report

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[포토]배용준을 보기 위해 줄을 선 일본팬들 Japanese Family has started lining up at the venue, Lotte Hotel.

2AM, 21일 배용준 매니저 결혼식서 축가
2AM to sing a congratulation songs at BYJ's Manager's wedding on 21st