Friday, August 07, 2009

[VOD / Photo] BYJ's video appearance at Jingu-Gaien Hanabi

[스크랩] [VOD]2009.08.07 OMOIKKIRIDON 배용준님이, 신궁 불꽃대회에서 비디오 메세지
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[Vod] 2009.8.6. BYJ's Message 배용준님 메시지 / 신궁(神宮)불꽃놀이대회 at 国立競技場
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video appearance at Jingu-Gaien Hanabi (fireworks sponsored by Nikkan Sports)
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[Photo] Ad on BYJ's Travel Book

今朝(6日)のニッカンスポーツ 全面広告
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[VOD] BYJ video at the reopening of Iwayama Shitugei Museum

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

[INFO] BYJ's 「韓国の美をたどる旅」 Travel Book is open for reservation


■商品名 :【予約】「韓国の美をたどる旅」

■販売価格 (Price) :2,835円(税込) yen
■予約販売開始日 :2009年8月5日(水) 12:00~2009年 9月13日(日)まで (Aug 5 open for reservation)
■お届け予定日 :2009年9月27日(日)お届け予定
■発売日 :2009年9月28日(月)予定
■発行元 :KEYEAST、Digital Adventure
■発売元 :日刊スポーツ新聞社、日刊スポーツ出版社

2009年8月5日(水) 12:00 予約販売スタート!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

[Scan] Nikkansports

makiko/ Daum BYJ Gallery has posted scan of today's Nikkan Sports article.
Visit the site to view new photo of BYJ.

[trans] book title is fixed! / BYJ makes video appearance on 8/6

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4 August 2009

BYJ will make a video appearance at Jingu-Gaien Hanabi (fireworks sponsored by Nikkan Sports)
which is scheduled on night of 6 August(rain date 7 August).

Title of the book which BYJ has been writing is fixed to "Trip Following the Beauty of Korea."
He is going to talk about his feelings for the book in relation to its sales from Nikkan Sports from 28 September.
Video was recorded in Seoul,
he seems relaxed and talks for about one minute with a smile.
This book is not just an ordinary guide book to introduce sightseeing points,
but is planned to introduce Korea further.
For about one year, he experienced and searched about 40 spots
such as temples and traditional culture points (related to pottery etc.) to write the book.

From noon on 5 August, shopping sites Nikkan
and bofi will start accepting orders of the book.

[SCAN]오늘 닛칸스포츠(일간스포츠・NikkanSports)
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[photo] Reopen of Iwayama Shitugei Museum

〔SCAN〕8/2 이와테 일보, Iwate Nippou, 岩手日報
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[photo] TOKYO DOME의 이벤트의 광고 at Tokyo station

[photo] TOKYO DOME의 이벤트의 광고 at Tokyo station
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[Scan] 4.8.09 joseijishin / shukanjosei

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Monday, August 03, 2009

[VOD] BYJ Nintendo DS CM

배용준 -닌텐도 CM영상

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[bofi CM]Study Korean with BYJ (DS Nintendo) - by pola