Saturday, April 11, 2009

[Photo] Wedding in Busan

from KYF club


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Yong Joon who has come to the venue to send his congratulatory wishes has arrived. He took a picture (with the couple) for memory's sake, just like that.

He looked really thin in person... the bodyguard(s?) who came with him looked very healthy.. ^^

I really liked him alot during the Winter Sonata days....

BYJ Updates on Apr 7

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original source: daum
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translated into chinese: snowkin / loveyongjoon
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

News about Shooting

Yesterday, 7th April, Yong Joon-ssi had an interview with a magazine. But it's not clear if it was for a Korean magazine, Japanese magazine, or others.

Then at around 5:30pm, he came out from the beauty salon and went to a nearby studio for some shooting. The shooting carried on from around 6pm till after 8:30pm.

Yong Joon-ssi, wearing an off-white coat and a hat, looked very stylish.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

BYJ Updates on April 5, 2009

Source BYJ Gallery~ by style

[남양주 촬영소 - 나 배용준 봤다]- cyworld

source - cyworld 배용준

이x영 2009.04.05 22:53

나 배용준 봤다

남양주 촬영소 지나오다 코앞에서 배용준봤다

생각보다 완전 핸섬하네 ^^

공개설정 : 전체공개

source: Korean to Chinese by wonchun (baidu)

轉自BYJ Gallery by style 09.04.06

남양주 촬영소 지나오다 코앞에서 배용준봤다

생각보다 완전 핸섬하네 ^^


Yesterday, at the front of a art studio in namuyanju,
I suddenly saw YJ,
he looks gorgeous and perfect than I imagine ^^

[New Photo] Arnaldo Bassini New Poster

[NewPoster]4/7 명동 아날도바시니(Arnaldo Bassini)-선글라스의 포스 넘치는 용준님 오늘 나온 새포스터!

[NewPoster]명동 아날도바시니(Arnaldo Bassini) - 선글라스의 포스 넘치는 용준님 오늘 나온 새포스터!

오늘 저녁 명동점에 막 도착한 새로 나온 선글라스의 ,고지어스 스카이블루 용준님입니다!
어때요? 너무 멋지죠? 보는 순간 쓰러집니다!
포스터라 밤에 찍어서 빛반사가 좀있어요.낮에 한번 자연광에서 찍어 드릴께요.
바로 이 포스! 카리스마! 용준님의 매력이 느껴지는 지금까지와는 다른 스타일의 포스터!
이렇게 찍어주세요.

사진및 보정 -스타일(Photos&Modified by Style): 2009.4.7Arnaldo Bassini,Myeongdong New Poster

[Photo] TFS Event & Ad Materials

Source BYJ Gallery~ by style

[Photo]Seoul NAVI - 세이브 네이쳐 SAVE NATURE

posted by tomato99 : BYJ Gallery thanks!

[BOF Public Notice] Our statement on news on BYJ's involvement in cosmetics business, as reported on 4/6/09

Source Quilt~ by Joanne

Polaris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[BOF Public Notice] Our statement on news on BYJ's involvement in cosmetics business, as reported on 4/6/09
BOF 4/7/09

Dear every Family, How are you? This is BOF.

We let you know that the article regarding Mr. BYJ's cosmetics business, as reported on past 6, is not true.

The particular article has been deleted after contating the media, and we got to talk to you one more time with this public notice because there might be people who misunderstand if that business is actually progressing among Family who read the article.

At present, Mr. BYJ is deeply occupied with preparation for acting in 'WLS' animation and drama 'Dream High', along with preparation for a book he is to publish.

We would like to ask your deep understanding for confusing you, Family, with the groundless article, and we will put an effort to be able to greet you with good news in the future.

As it became much warm, we wish you to have balmy and refreshing Spring season.

Thank you~!

[Photo / VOD] TFS - Save Nature Campaign


source: byjgallery by pola

[VOD] BYJ Update on April 1, 2009 (Saw BYJ at the Busan Train Station)

from KYF club / maron

[펌] 부산 열차안에서 본 배용준-공식;polaris님

From by 권오경

[펌] 부산 열차안에서 본 배용준

오늘 출근하는길에 부산역에 공안들이 깔렸더라구요.

그래서 뭔 중요한 인물이 열차 타는갑다 했는데 승무원이 욘사마 특실에

탓다고 하더라구요. 놀래서 전화하는척 하면서 동영상 촬영 몰래 하고

악수 하려고 했는데 메니져가 "배용준씨 지금 많이 피곤해서 곤란합니다." 하며 저지하더라구요.

욘사마 생각보다 얼굴 상당히 작더라구요. 검은모자에 검은 안경끼고,

독서를 계속 하고 있더라구요.

스타로 살기 참 힘들겠다싶데요~

야구카페에서 펌

출처: 배용준 월드 모리스님

Busan Train Station 부산역 (not sure is this the one)

original in korean: unknown source 2009/03/28
reposted in korean: polaris / KOB
translated into chinese: wonchon / baidu
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

Saw BYJ at the Busan Train Station

On my way to work this morning, I saw that the Busan train station was surrounded by security staff.

I was just thinking if some VIP or bigshot was going to board the train, and at this time, the staff told me that Yonsama was seated in the special cabin.

I was surprised, and then I made a pretense of making a phone call and tried to video-shoot him secretly, and I was thinking to try and shake his hand. But at this time, I heard his manager say, "BYJ is very tired now, please refrain from taking pictures."

Yonsama's face is smaller than I'd imagined. He was wearing a black hat, black glasses and he continued to read his book.

I'm thinking... he must be leading a tiring life being a star.

Monday, April 06, 2009

[News Trans] even takes care of sommelier’s wedding.

source: Quilt by suehan

[Sohn Yongseok’s Wine &] even takes care of sommelier’s wedding..BYJ’s sweet love towards wine.
2009.04.03 00:33

A wedding took pIace at a five star hotel hall in Busan on Saturday, the 28th of last month at 2:00 pm. The wedding hall was noisy due to the appearance of an unexpected guest. Because Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon showed up. The groom wasn’t an employee of the company that he is operating, nor a celebrity of the entertainment world. What made BYJ come to Busan, he who usually does not attend filming functions or drama awards, to attend the wedding?

The groom was a sommelier of the domestic wine import company and ‘a close wine friend’ of Mr. Bae, whom he drinks wine with often. Mr. Bae left the wedding after he toasted the finest French wine like Chateau Mouton-Rothschild and Chateau Latour with the groom

He has a special love for wine. In the later part of 2007, the Italian wine, Gravello was introduced in a Japanese comic book, “Drops of God”, was being served with Kimchee. When this story was released to Korea, the domestic wine importers flew to France to acquire the exclusive rights to import Gravello competitively, but it was in vain. All of them heard the following sad news, “We already made a contract with an entertainment company in your country.” They asked around about the company that made the contract, and found out the company’s name, BOF, and that Mr. Bae is the major shareholder. The official importer of Gravello is now Lotte Liquor, but they pay a certain portion of the sales to BOF as a fee.

It’s probable that the friendship between Mr. Bae and the author Agi Tadashi of “Drops of God” worked here as well. Agi Tadashi is a devoted fan of ‘Yonsama’ and even used Mr. Bae’s image as the genuine sommelier in his comic books. There is a rumor that they met and were engaged in animated conversation about wine. Just recently, Mr. Bae plunged himself in the drama production of Korean version “Drops of God.”


Sohn Yongseok, Forbes Korea Reporter

[Capture] Megane Ichiba - 4.09

Source: /

[New Photo] The Face Shop

[NewPhoto SCAN]배용준 더페이스샵 아르쌩뜨 에코-테라피 새 포스터 스캔 THEFACESHOP NEW POSTER

스캔및 보정-스타일(Scanned&Modified by Style):

[New photo]THEFACESHOP 배용준 아르쌩뜨 에코테라피 -매장앞에 세워져있는 전신판넬

From by 권오경

[BOFi Notice] Regarding filing suit against Okura Publishing Company

Regarding filing suit against Okura Publishing Company

We would like to report to you that Bae Yong Joon has filed a suit for damages
on the ground of infringe on portrait rights (publicity rights) against Okura
Publishing Company (Meguro-ku Tokyo, representative president Masahiro Nagashima)
on 12 February 2009 at Tokyo District Court.
Okura Publishing has published and sold the magazine “Bae Yong Joon Japan Visit Special, It’s Koreal July 2008 extra issue” which has used large amount of Bae Yong Joon photos.

Through private attorney, BYJ and BOF international have repeatedly requested Okura Publishing for cancellation of sales of the mentioned magazine and compensation for the damages.
However, Okura Publishing have not accepted our request and continued sales
of the mentioned magazine.
Under these circumstances, we have determined it is difficult to settle through negotiations and have no choice but to bring a case.

Currently, there are many illegal goods, copied goods and pirates goods of BYJ related products which are distributed in market and purchased by many fans without knowing it.
BOF international will strictly deal with these products including law enforcement.

We will continue to stand firmly against any situation that we determine
as violation of Bae Yong Joon’s portrait rights (publicity rights).

BOF international, Inc.