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[BMF-Urgent] Malaysia BYJ Family Info Update

Attention to all Malaysian BYJ Family,

Pls see the following updates from Yokee (BMF), and pls do come and join us. If you have any enquiries, you can send your email to Yokee or me. Cheers


hello everybody,

since BYJ will be 'coming' to our shores here soon via Faceshop ad, the family should be up and alive again !

in view of that, and i have spoken to the representative from FS, we hope to 'work together' in promoting both FS and BYJ ^^

in order to make a complete list of our family, i'll be updating our members data.
i'll need a little help from all of u.

please provide ur data as below :

Name : (actual name)
ID : (name used on the net, optional)
Email :
Contact No. :
Address :
When did u start being a fan : (pls state year)

** All data/info provided will be treated as confidential **

your reply will be much appreciated.

thank you !!

BYJ's Malaysia Family

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[Scan] 31.3.09 joseijishin - 14.4.09 Issue

[SCAN&번역]韓navi!/배용준님-서울에서 한국 가이드본<편집장>취재! joseijishin 3.31
source: byjgallery by miemi
배용준님-서울에서 한국 가이드본<편집장>취재!한국 문화의”총본산에”

[Capture] The Face Shop AD


[Scan] Korean Wave 33

source: byjgallery by arayo

Monday, March 30, 2009

[Trans] BYJ JOB Mail Magazine

source: translated by kiyomi on Quilt
<Diary of Staff>This time we received a diary from the manager Mr.S of the day when BYJ had arrived to Japan secrecy the other day.
We will show it to you!

【SIMM SIMM diary Thursday, February 26】
I write a diary after a long absence. The reason is not for somebody, not for reading..
But I think by writing this letter my frozen heart will begin to melt.
Because I don't know how I tell you my present feeling. Anyway, I decided to begin to write.

On February 26, Sendai Airport was very quiet unlike the airport which I always used, and there were few other visitors. Meanwhile, we the staffs waited in the airport while we were tense and having a feeling to throb as we would invite Mr. BYJ who would come to Japan in a secret from the 2,600km distant northern country.

At 12:20, the airplane arrived. We were guided by the persons of the airport and we got into the car safely.  
We began the long distance trip about 200km to Morioka.

I watched him with a rearview mirror of a car.   His eyes looked at the window. It looked like he thought about something.
Probably I think that it is a usual thing. When ... it's the feeling to want to see "family". It seemed to reach me.
Meanwhile he took out a camera and has begun to take outside from the window.  He did it to keep the memory.  Or he may want to show families the photographs sometime….

We drove for about 2 hours and arrived at the spot.
From now on we were going to have the experience of lacquer, but we watched the works of Mr全 teacher at once first.
We were not able to hide surprise in the splendor.  BYJ looked like to want to try the experience of lacquer soon while watching the works one by one.  His eyes shined brighter.

Then we were having the dinner which the family of the teacher prepared. And the feelings of expectation came strong, as we would begin the experience of lacquer from the day after.

The teacher finished the dinner.  And he said "You will get up at 5:30 tomorrow" and then he left the room.

It was a warm winter, but the body really aches from the cold of Morioka that is a northern country.
 However, I forgot cold gradually because I had feeling of strain and expectation.

Then I will do my best from tomorrow.
Good night ...

[Photo & Report] Guitarist met BYJ

[photo & report] 배용준 from Blog "せんせいしょん Dairy"
source: byjgallery by LL
from せんせいしょん Dairy
original in japanese: sensation52’s blog 2009.03.07
translated into chinese: snowkin / loveyongjoon
translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog

* sensation is a guitar-band from iwate, japan


I believe there're probably a lot of people who already know this,
... that!
... Yonsama!
... had secretly come to morioka!

It's... fantastic~!

Before, I did write that I was overseas for work in December.

The truth is that I had seen Yonsama during that time!

Yonsama had wanted to become the student of the world-class lacquer painter Mr Jun Yong Bok, so he attended our meeting. Of course, I had presented Yonsama with a CD from Sensation.

But something happened during the meeting that made me unexpectedly happy, that's when all the staff watched the concert DVD together. Yonsama offered his praises very seriously, "That's great!"

As what Yonsama had said, he really came to Morioka. He had stayed for a week, and his first(?) lacquer learning experience ended smoothly.

On the last evening, (he) had a dinner party at the famous tonkatsu(?) restaurant in Morioka (大雅), and then he boarded the shinkansen for tokyo!

Heard that he actually was not discovered at the Morioka train station and in the cabin.

It's good that he's safe.

Picture's taken in Korea, Yonsama, Jun Hyeon Min and me

[SCAN]It's KOREAL 2009 May

source: byjgallery by arayo