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[KOB Notice]It was happy Valentine’s day thanks to Family members

It was happy Valentine’s day thanks to Family members

Greetings BYJ family members,

Above all, we would like to say thank you for your sincere greetings
on Valentine's day.
We hope you all had a happy Valentine's day too.
We are sure that BYJ and family members could feel the true faith
and love this time even though living far apart.

Currently BYJ goes around in Korea to experience Korean traditional
culture and takes pictures for the book, 'Beauty of Korea(unfixed title)'.
It must be difficult challenge for him somehow,
but BYJ tries to do his best with glad heart.

Besides we believe that these experiences will be good energy
and knowledge for his acting later day.

We kindly ask you to give BYJ supportive love and interest for his
new challenge, and hope your days are full of joy and confidence.

Best regards,


[Flor's posting on KOB] More about my meeting with YJ on 14 Feb 09

After calming down and recalling for few days, I would like to talk more about my meeting with Yong Joon on 14 Feb 09.

Please refer to my posting 55172 "12 hours and 6 minutes" for details.

As shown in the above picture, when I arrived at the Domestic Terminal at 10:55am, I followed the dark arrows and went towards the counter as I saw Mr Hwang was there. It can be seen that I actually had passed by the PRINCE ! I asked Brian where YJ was and he didn’t tell me. I think it is a practise for YJ’s staffs not to disclose where he was!

One thing I have to clarify. It was not Mr Hwang who asked me to come back at 11am. He only took my flower and notes and promised to pass to YJ. It was the man who stood next to him who had mercy on me and told me this. As YJ’s manager, Mr Hwang would not tell others where YJ was.

When I greeted Mr Hwang again, he then led me to YJ at once. I think ( guess ) YJ must have authorised him to do so. ( I wrote my name in the note that was passed to YJ ). If it is true, Yong Joon, thank you so much !

Mr Hwang and I walked alone the red arrows, I did think that we still had a long way to go. So when he stopped suddenly next to the 3 people standing there, I was so surprised.

As seen in this picture, YJ was leisurely leaning on the trolley and with his left hand supporting his chin. The black knit hat and sun glasses wrapped 1/2 of his face.

Some sisters asked about this, “I felt that he was quite different from my imagination. Might be he was tired, shy or embarrassed ?!”. I felt the difference because :

1) I thought that he would appear in this image as recently he liked to dress in this way :
( he was also using a big black bag, seemed to be this one as well )

2) I felt he looked younger with that look and posture!
3) He did not smiled brightly at first ( deep in my mind was his bright smile when he arrived Japan. Oh, it was also quite sudden to him that a stranger went to him ! So now I can understand the difference. Moreover, he wanted to be low profile ! )

Because of these reasons and also he looked at me so suddenly, I had to ask, “Yong Joon ssi ?” . He then smiled, nodded and shook hands with me. I quickly bowed to him and said, “만나서 반갑습니다” ( nice to meet you ). YJ might think that I was good in Korean, ha ha ha!

He must be shy and then bit his lower lip liked this :

He then said,” Flor …” “ 삼년 ( 3 years ) xxxx”

I had told Mr Hwang that I had been waiting to meet YJ for 4 and a half years. Might be he had forgotten and told YJ it was three years.”

I didn’t understand what YJ said and seeked help from Mr Hwang. He then waved to Brian and asked him to come to us.

Then I was not allowed to take photos with YJ and YJ gave me his autograph using his official photo. After that I requested him to sign on the big towel.

Did you notice that YJ drew a smiley face at the right hand corner? I guessed there was not enough space for him to write “Best Wishes” as what he usually did. So he drew that lovely face. Now I would think of it to make me smile. He was so thoughtful.

After that I had few questions for him and then we were a bit silent. I could hardly think of anything and really wanted to say, “Yong Joon, please say something” as I wanted to hear his voice more. Ah, I also felt that his voice was a bit different from what I usually hear from DVD or from internet. Usually his voice was majestical, now it was soft and sweet!

When we were standing face to face, I actually still could not believe that I was talking to BYJ and asked myself “Is it true? Am I really talking to BYJ now” ?

I asked him when would he come back to Sydney ( or leave Tasmania ), he just looked as his Manager ( or Brian ). Someone answered me that “ xxxx schedule xxxxx !” Actually I thought they would not tell me. Finally I told YJ that I hoped to meet him again. I then bowed, said, "감사합니다" ( thank you ) and gave him the flying kiss. Ah, the way he sent his flying kiss was really elegant !

Remember I said that after he had walked away, he still stopped for awhile and waited to wave to me again. It was really unexpected! We had already said good-bye twice and He could simply go away! This gave me the courage to run to him again to look at his big hands!

Since this was the last time I could shake hands with him ( just on that day!! I still have many chances in the future, ha ha ha), I deliberately and unconsciously held his hand very tight.y! Yong Joon, could you feel that?

This should be the one which disabled him to go through the custom ! He used it when he was in Japan, so he must liked it very much !

Last time I said I saw him chewing gum, now I think that he might be singing ( as I saw his lips moving )!

This was the lucky necklace that I put on that day! He must have seen it as it was so obvious.

Although I was so upset for not being able to see him arriving Sydney, I think I was actually lucky. If I saw him at that time, I might just be able to shake hands with him and get his autograph, then he would get on his car and leave quickly! Because I missed him at that time, I then have that precious 6 minutes!

I could only say THANK YOU !

Feb 19 News of YJ shoot for The Face Shop CM

2/19[ 용준님 더페이스샵(THEFACESHOP) 촬영소식]
From by miemi

17日オーストラリアでのCM撮影終えて帰 国したヨンジュンさんは、少しもやすむことなく
18日旅行誌発 行のため、取材などで忙しい1日を送り、今日はフェイスショップ春の
新製品の広 告のため地方で撮影しています。
新製品と関 連した新しいポスターなどは、3月中に発売する予定です。
撮影で少しだけ日に焼 けたような・・・皆さんに新しく見せるヨンジュンさんの姿を

韓簡譯中:Jessica From 愛俊之家

2/19[ 勇俊先生去拍攝THEFCAESHOP的消息]

2/19[ 勇俊先生的消息]
17日 結束了在澳洲的廣告拍攝,回到韓國的勇俊先生一點也沒休息...
18日 也因旅遊書的發行,採訪取材等忙碌過了一天.....
在拍攝期間被陽光曬黑點... 請各位期待看到嶄新的勇俊先生的姿態。

Chinese to English: xiaoyi

Feb 19 News of YJ shoot for The Face Shop CM
17.2 After completing the CM shooting in Australia, YJ did not rest...
18.2 Because of the publishing of the travel guide book, he was busy interviewing and collecting materials....
Today, there's also the CM shooting for TFS new products
The new products and the respective new poster... targeted to be sold in mid March.
During the shooting, he seems to be a bit tanned...
Hope everyone to expect a new look from YJ.

[Scan] e2Days March "BYJ Festival"

[스캔]스카파 e2Days 3월호 "배용준 축제, 클라이막스에"
source: byjgallery by daisukibyj

Thursday, February 19, 2009

BYJ Updates on 18.2.09

from posoku's blog(2009-02-18 18:28:14)
日譯中:SNOW (byjfamily)
Chinese to English: xiaoyi


今天12點他一個人從健身房出來坐上Range Rover出去了。

Although YJ have had a long flight back to Korea yesterday, but he doesn't look tired.
At 12 today, he came out of the gym alone and took his Range Rover out.
In this upcoming travel guide book, it will be introducing Korean traditions of Hanbok and pottery.
Because of that, he visited a Hanbok Shop in Gangnam at 1:50pm, and left the shop at 3:30pm.
His attires are black sunglasses, gray milky-colored hat, grey long coat, jeans and boots.
Then he went to the dental hospital; and at 5:45pm, he shook hand with the family from a travel agent.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

【VOD】SkyPerfect TV BYJ Festival ~ Special Video

● ~by b44flare~●
source: flare's blog

[SCAN〕 Premium Days Part 2. Himself (3)

[SCAN〕배용준 사진과 영상집 Premium Days Part 2. Himself (3)
source: byjgallery by arayo

[VOD] KBS World BYJ Special & SBS News

source: xiaoyi's YouTube / flare's blog

〔SCAN〕Premium Days Part 1. Him (3)

〔SCAN〕배용준 사진과 영상집 Premium Days Part 1. Him (3)
source: byjgallery by arayo

BYJ Updates on 17.2.2009

용준님은 오늘 호주 멜버른으로부터 18:30 인천공항으로 귀국하셨습니다.

THEFACESHOP CF촬영을 잘 마치고 오셨습니다.

용준님은 니트모자를 쓰고 블랙셔츠와 블랙 코트,진즈차림

그리고 밝은칼라의 선글라스를 쓰고 있었습니다.


ヨンジュン様はニット帽子をかぶってブラックシャツとブラック コート,ジーンズ


YJ returned from Melbourne at Inchon airport 18:30 today.

He finished shooting for THEFACESHOP CF.

YJ was wearing knit cap, black shirt and black coat and jeans.
his sunglasses were light colored ones.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Trans]3 short stories about seeing BYJ & Unseen Photo

source: Quilt by suehan

3 short stories about seeing BYJ

1. I heard that BYJ came to Ulsan?
09.02.14 14:00

*from the original posting
I was going to visit Ulsan Boram Hospital tomorrow because my teacher had a baby. I heard that, yesterday (?), Bae Yong Joon nim visited the hospital I was going to visit. It was said that he came to visit his friend’s wife who had delivered a baby. Did he use his private helicopter?


*from the original author in the reply section.
* he came and left so quickly.. haha 09.02.14 22:04


2. Did you know Bae Yong Joon came to Eonyang?
2009.02.15 19:35

I heard that Bae Yong Joon even came here.
There is a town called ‘Myeongchon’ for baking ceramics near my in-laws. He said that he was interested in the ceramics and would come back. My third oldest in-law lives right next to that house and saw him in the distance through the window.
They said that they would call me when he revisits there.
I’m not interested in him, but I’m curious.. hahaha.

*suehan: Eonayang and Myeongchon are located near the city of Ulsan.

3. Bae Yong Joon
2009.02.14 07:01

I heard that Bae Yong Joon came to the ceramics baking pIace yesterday, where my mother visits regularly, with his body guards. He bought lots of ceramics for his restaurant in Japan and drank tea for half of the day.


source: cyworld


And I found this unseen photo from

According to the original writer, she got on Jeju Cruise and
saw that this picture was hung in the wall in the ship.

She said, "I saw this picture of Yonsama, who had been on the ship,
when I got on.

I think this picture was taken during the filming of TWSSG since the man
next to him, who was wearing the red glove, was the make-up artist

[Scan] 17.2.09 joseijishin / shukanjosei - 3.3.2009 Issue

source: byjfan by kaorin